In Memory Of

Moses, the Greatest Mosasaurus Ever

Helen S T2

Moses the Mosasaurus

Beloved Moses of the Mosasaurus hoffmannii has unfortunately parted ways with our universe. Discovered in 1764 near the Meuse River he was loved from the moment his bones were found. Moses’s relatives the now extinct pliosaurs and plesiosaurs and modern day lizards and monitor snakes are heartbroken about his death. Named by George Cuvier, the Mosasaurus name was what soon lead to the name of the Mosasaur family.

Moses's Lifetime

Moses lived during the Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago. Moses lived in North America and in Europe. He was quite the traveller! After the extinction of the ichthyosaurs, Moses and his fellow Mosasaurs were the dominating marine reptile. Moses was carnivorous and ate mostly sea creatures. Moses swam through rivers and stayed mostly in the deep water. The M. hoffmannii were one of the longer living marine reptiles of the Cretaceous period, giving it a more dominant edge. Moses was robustly built with a short neck. Moses had four flippers and a strong tail that enabled him to move through the water quickly and catch prey easily. Not much is known on how the M. hoffmannii died, but some scientists believe that Moses and his friends died during the K-T mass extinction.

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