WSA Randall Weekly Newsletter

September 24, 2021

Student Spotlight

Our Staff spotted 4th grader Greysen R. on social media this week! Way to go Greysen!
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Dates to Remember

September 28: Panera (on Sunset) Dine to Donate

October 13: 5th Grade Run

November 3: Picture Make Up Day

Inclement Weather Mornings

If the weather is too rainy or cold (i.e., below zero temperatures), students will enter the school beginning at 7:40 am and go directly to their classrooms rather than lining up outside. You will see a sign out front saying "in today" and students can enter at doors 1 and 2.

Blessings in a Backpack

We are pleased to share that Randall STEM, along with all Elementary Schools in our District, will be offering the Blessings in a Backpack Program to students this year. If you did not return the Opt Out form last week, your student is coming home with another package today. Your student will continue to receive a bag every Friday unless you "opt out" of the program. Click here and complete the form if you wish to opt out.

Lost and Found Reminder

Items that are not labeled with a student's name are placed on the yellow cart inside door #1. These items are held for one week and then donated. We have not donated yet this year, so make sure to check if you are missing any items.

Our Teachers Deserve a (Soft) Drink!

We've almost made it through September! We'd love to show our appreciation by stocking the staff fridge with Frappuccinos, Soda, and whatever other yummy beverages you'd like to share! (Hint, Iced Coffee type drinks and Diet Coke seem to be the most popular). If you'd like to donate, please drop off at the blue bench outside the office by September 30th.

MAP Assessments

Students will be participating in MAP testing between September 20th and October 8th. Your student's teacher will be notifying you of the dates and times for his/her class.

Heads Up (literally) on Kickball Before School

There have been pickup games of kickball going on before school. It looks like everyone is having fun, we just ask that both players and others on the playground stay alert to those around you so that the fun doesn't end with someone getting hit with a ball. Also remember there is no staff supervision before school, so if your child is playing make sure you are here to supervise. Thanks for helping us make sure everyone has a safe start to their day.

Pokemon Cards

We have seen an increase in students bringing Pokemon cards to school. While playing and trading is fine at recess time, our school & staff cannot be responsible for these cards, so please advise your student to leave valuable cards at home.

Signing in and Updating Your Student's iPad

Please click here to read important information from our Media Specialist with tips for troubleshooting iPad troubles by making sure your student is signed in and up to date. Also remember not to use your iPad around food, drink, or water sources!

Health Room Headlines

We have had multiple questions about the proper procedures if a family chooses to test for Covid-19. While I am certain this will not be the definitive answer, I will attempt to shed some light on the subject.

The Too Sick for School Guidelines handout is still our "vade mecum" for deciding whether or not to keep a student home and when to seek medical attention. When it comes to Covid-19, we know things have changed frequently over the past year or so. We have all become pretty good at "pivoting"...

So now that quarantines and Covid-19 tests aren't mandatory, what do you do if your student has had an exposure? Believe it or not, it is pretty clear cut for us -

- Your kiddos can continue to attend school and participate in extracurricular activities.

- It is not required that your kiddos quarantine, although parents may choose to self quarantine. If you choose this route, please be as awesome as I know you are and send me an email with the details.

What if after this Covid exposure, your child develops symptoms, and you decide to have them tested for Covid - can they return to school in the meantime?

- If you have had them "self-quarantined" after the exposure, this probably doesn't even apply to you because you would still have your kiddos at home.

- If your child has symptoms that would keep them home according to the "Too Sick for School Guidelines", then they would need to remain home until their symptoms have improved, regardless of the outcome of the Covid test. (If the results come back positive, PLEASE reach out to me for further instructions and a return to school date!)

- If your child does NOT have symptoms but you chose to have them tested (or needed to have a Covid test for any other number of reasons), they may still attend school while awaiting results.

I have added some BRAND NEW INFORMATION to the last page of our TSFS Guidelines - be sure to check that out!

As always, if you have any follow up questions in the realm of Covid or other health related situations and absences - please feel free to contact me (Amber Williams) at or 262-970-2315

Have a spectacular weekend!!

Warmest Regards, Amber

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Lunch Menus

Students choose from the Elementary Lunch Menu. If dietary restrictions require items from the Elementary Veggie Lunch Menu, you must pre-order with the office a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

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Randall Campus (K-5)

REPORT ALL STUDENT ABSENCES USING THE SAFE ARRIVAL SYSTEM. If the absence is COVID-19 related, please contact the school office.