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Why Hawaii is the perfect vacation

Hawaii- The Perfect Vacation Destination

Hawaii is known for its amazing, paradise like beaches and clear, aqua waters. But there are many reasons why Hawaii is the perfect vacation destination. Not only the crystal waves and golden sands, but also many other things like its many mesmerizing places to see. Also Hawaii’s festivals and exotic places and wildlife.

Golden Beaches with Aqua Waters


“Think of Hawaii, and you’re instantly dreaming about golden sands packed by giant surf.” (Pg. 20) Hawaii has a perfect sands and crystal waves perfect for relaxing, getting the “sun-kissed” tan, or even just wadding in the tropical water. There is also great surfing on Hawaii’s huge waves, but not just normal surfing! Also windsurfing, and kayaking. The sunset over the ocean is filled with vibrant blues, pinks, oranges, and soft violets. While even a nice, long, relaxing evening walk along the coast, collecting seashells is just as enjoyable.

Exotic Climate and Places

Places to See

Hawaii’s exotic climate is just right to, “Wade through mud, step over slippery tree roots and tread trails paved with roly-poly Kukui nuts, all to swim through a crystal clear pool of water under the rain forest cascade!” (Pg. 30) A gorgeously, misty waterfall called ‘Rainbow Falls’ is one of many Hawaii has to offer. Also backpacking on the islands seeing all the culture, and natural beauty on the islands with, “Foot trails, from easy waterfalls and botanical garden strolls, to mid-day volcano treks.” (Pg. 25) Also Volcanos like ‘Chain or Craters RD’ where it drops by nearly 4000 ft. through Hawaii’s active volcano zone!

Exciting Festivals


Hawaii has a lot of various, bright, exciting festivals! Some like the, “Aloha Festivals - September brings colorful celebrations of Hawaiian arts and culture on the main islands, especially O’aho.” (Pg. 21) Also Surfing festivals. The huge verities of festivals will give one everyone will love. Some food you might find while exploring the festivals and the islands is a dish called Kona Cuffle. There are many delicious mixed plate lunches made from Asian and European food. Also breakfasts like Locomoco. Salad called Poke and shaved ice, too. In Hawaii you may find many ‘ O’no Grinds’ (Good Eats) And activities like, “lei Making, Hawaii’s most delicate art form is one that everyone can appreciate.” (Pg. 20) Lastly the beautiful visual arts in Hawaii are is a nice meeting place for Bohemian Artisans. Many things can be made in Hawaii and beautiful things to keep and enjoy.

Amazing Wildlife

Animals in Hawaii

In Hawaii you can see adorable pods of whales while on a relaxing whale watching trip. Also, “Snorkel or dive with colorful schools of tropical fish.” (Pg.20) Here in Hawaii you could see many exotic, almost magical seeming, fish float along the reef. Also you can, interact with Giant Manta rays and endangered sea turtles.

Hawaii has MANY Reasons why YOU Should Go

Hawaii is the Perfect Vacation for Any Family!

Hawaii has amazing beaches, exotic places to see, festivals and food, majestic wild life. Hawaii is the perfect destination, and is filled with hot spots (Literately) and many sites to see. Hawaii has amazing experiences you will never forget. So take some time off and put your toes in the sand and relax in Hawaii