Ole Miss Preschool News

September 2021

Have You Applied for Tuition Assistance?

It is not too late to sign up for On My Way PreK or CCDF! We are happy to help you with this process. You can set up an appointment with Ms. Strong to see if you qualify and we can scan the documents directly to the Maximus office. Attendance will be entered in the Hoosier Childcare Portal. You will approve attendance at hoosierchildcarefamily.com for CCDF families only. On My Way Prek (Children 4 on or before August 1st) will not need to approve attendance online. Please let us know if you have trouble approving your attendance! We are happy to answer questions on ProCare messenger or call our office at (765) 677-4437.

ProCare Payment and Immediate Notifications

Have you connected to Procare? The program will send immediate notifications to your phone as a text message when information is sent by your child's teacher or the director. You can also pay for tuition conveniently online by setting up your payment system. Please email liz_strong@olemiss.k12.in.us if you need a new invitation to Procare.
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Family Engagement: Healthy Sleeping Habits

Did you know preschool age children need 11-13 hours of total sleep per day and night? Sleep is critical to your child’s ability to learn. When your child sleeps, their brain is forming new connections and allows them to be more alert and prepared each day.

Establishing bed time routines can be tough, but try some of these helpful tips to encourage healthy sleep habits:

✦ Sleep Duration: When does your child need to wake up each day? Do they nap? Most children start to phase out of nap by age 6. We encourage children to nap at school by playing soft music with the lights dimmed. Most children sleep better at nap when they have a similar comfort toy for both bedtime and nap time. We just ask that the item is small enough it can fit in our XL zip lock bag and does not make noise or could be a distraction.

✦ Establish Consistent Sleep time and Wake up routines: Avoid screen time such as TV or iPad use right before bedtime. Try reading books or converse with your child about their day or storytelling. Whatever you choose to do with your child, make it consistent. The consistency will help prepare their internal clock for sleep!

✦Communicate with Caregivers: Sometimes we have to work at bedtime or cannot be active in this role physically. Another way to be part of your child’s routine is to communicate your wants with other caregivers. Sharing your strategies with the caregivers in your child’s life will help create consistency and establish routine.

✦Resource: https://www.naeyc.org/our-work/families/encouraginghealthy-sleep-habits

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September Preschool Themes

  • Sept 7th-10th: Camping- Letter F Friday, Sept 10th is Green Day!
  • Sept 13th-17th: Friendship/Manners~Letter N Friday, Sept. 17th is Purple Day
  • Sept 20th-24th: Transportation ~Letter H (Thursday is Orange Day) Friday, Sept. 24th No School- E-Learning/Teacher Training Day
  • Sept. 27th-Oct 1st: Apples~Letter A (Pink)

Monthly Math Skills: Numbers 5-8 and Square