Albert Speer

Nuremberg Trial By: Ashley Arp


Speer organizated forced labor for the construction of defenses and roads. Albert used civilian slaves and prisoners slaves of war to work in the munitions factories.
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Albert was a devoted architect for Hitler. He was thought to have prolonged the war for about a year because of the consequent death of tons of people. Speer was one of Hitlers most trusted confidants, and he was a very powerful political leader for the Nazi party. Also, he was awarded the Nazi Golden Party Badge of honor. He disobeyed one of Hilters orders to destroy Nazi installment industries close to the Allies.
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He served a 20 year sentence in jail. During his time in jail he wrote a book about himself. Then Albert Speer died in 1981.


I think that Albert Speer should have served 30 years in jail because he organized forced labor construction, and he used prisoners of war and civilians as slave to work in mutations factories. Also, he was one of Hilters most trusted confidants who helped Hilters with his work. I believe that the consequences for the Nazi's should be based on what each individual did.