Autism Discrimination

End this discrimination across the Nation!!!

Autism- so what is it, exactly?

Autism (Short for Autism Spectral Disorder.) is a disorder in which causes affects a person's normal brain function. 1/68 children are diagnosed with it. As a result of this neurological disorder people diagnosed with have affected social interaction and development. Anyone suffering from it has issues with non-verbal communication and a widened range of social interaction and activity. Last but not least, they respond to their social environment in a way that is considered inappropriate (Example: A 27 year-old man acts like a nine-year old at times.)

And so what's the problem, exactly?

Well, the problem is that people think that this is FUNNY. I mean really?!? Is THIS what society has turned into today? A confusing world with nice people and then the group of people who judge and bully people about something that the person was diagnosed with and COULDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?! It truly sickens me to see these people who out down others and see it as a joke. You ever heard of "Put yourself in another man's shoes before you judge them."? Well obviously THESE people haven't. These people with autism probably feel like they're being pushed away or rejected by society.- and you know what's worse? Some of the smartest minds in all of HISTORY had autism (Examples: Albert Einstein, Andy Whorl.)! And people with autism ARE some of the smartest kids today! These people could lead our world to great things if people would stop putting them down and help them to unlock their full potential!

Why should this end?

Well isn't it obvious?! People are being bullied for something they were born with! You think it's easy living thinking that no one will accept you because you were born with something!?! And all because of thing people said! It leaves mental wounds that will never heal- and these can lead to depression, and sometimes even suicide! If we help protect these people, think of what impact it will have on anti-bullying! A huge impact! Also, if we help these people, they can help us to grow as one (Meaning the human race.) and help to solve some of our world's many problems! We can protect brilliant minds so that they can use their minds to help us! Even then, it's just downright WRONG to discriminate someone for something they couldn't control! How would you like it if YOU had autism and people bullied you for it? Exactly- you wouldn't enjoy it one bit.
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