May 16th-20th

Dear Parents,

This week, our all school Mass is switched to Tuesday. We have finished our end of the year DORA assessment. Please look for your child’s reading results in the couriers this week. All of the decodable readers from the year, which review our Phonics rules from First Grade, will be sent home this Thursday. Please keep these for your child to practice throughout the summer. There will not be a homework sheet sent home this week. The only homework this week is to study for the High Frequency Word Test on Wednesday.

Week plans

Reading and Phonics: We will split up our last set of Phonics lessons between this week and next. These will be a review of previous skills. There will not be a Spelling or Phonics assessment after these lessons. Last Friday was the last Spelling and Phonics assessment for the year. In Grammar and writing we will work in Reading and L.A. centers and finish up our writing books for the year. In Reading this week we will focus on the book, Sammy the Seal by Syd Hoff.

science: We will also work in Science centers where students will experiment with force and motion, gravity, and magnets.

Math:This week in Math, we will continue to workon finding the value of mixed amounts of coins. Some ideas to help your child with counting coins:

*Have them count back change at a store.

*Dump out loose change and have them count it.

*Hold up a coin and ask its name and value.

* Please continue to work on Math facts at home.

Religion: we will say a decade each morning of the Rosary and continue to learn about Mary.


Wednesday May 18th: high frequency word test