Owl Notes

MAY 15


*School Updates - Next week moves to 50%. With that said, please remember it is very important to continue to follow the rules. While in common places in the building, you will need to wear your mask. Make sure and log in via the Covid-19 app in SSO. Copy machine is still LIMITED use. Please do not be making copies for next year. It is still important for you to maintain social distancing. Keep your door closed while you are working in your room.

*Awards - Jeanie is ready to start printing awards. If you will follow please send her your class list, with the name each child would want on their certificate, she will start printing. Don't just copy and paste as someone might go by a different first or last name.

* Lisa McGarrah training - Lisa will be on during your normal time for about 10 minute if you have any final questions or need help with something. This is not mandatory but she has offered.

*Room pack up - As you are cleaning and packing your room, we are not having summer school here this year so the only thing I would say is that you might want to put personal items important to you in your brown cabinets and lock them. If you want to stack your desks and move bookshelves off the floor for cleaning, you are welcome to do it but I think custodial will do that, too.

* Student bags - Felix and LaVerne have been a great help in this. So, here it goes. Once you have your bags packed, the child's name printed LARGE on the front, you can start taking them to the gym and the cafeteria. There are alphabetical lines and on the line are stickers with each child's name on it. Find your child's name and put the bag on the name. They are alphabetized by the entire school.

* Kinder/Fourth grade parade - Friday will be the kinder and fourth grade parade. We will start at 9:30 and end at 11:00. If you have signed up or not and want to come, please park in the back parking lot the outside front parking lot. We will have spaces for you where you can sit or stand to cheer as the students come through. Feel free to bring a lounge chair and an umbrella for shade. Make a poster, bring a batch of balloons, whatever you want to celebrate our students.

*Grades - If you have a child who participated only a few times and is receiving an inflated grade for this nine weeks and you are concerned, please email me and let's talk through some options. There will be NO conduct or comments for this nine week. Those have been turned off. SPECIALS teachers grades will be pulled forward from last nine weeks.

*Master Schedule - We are finalizing the master schedule with times and conferences but it was a unanimous vote that we go to 50 minute conference periods so that we have a PK conference time and still allows for us to have PLC at the end of the day. Just a heads up that there is possibility that some conference periods might change. :) Remember we are trying to do what is best for the whole.


As needed for the next two weeks.

MAY 29

There is a chance that we will have a small end of year celebration on Friday, May 29 in the morning. District guidelines are that it has to be outside and of course, it would be on a voluntary basis. We have to practice social distancing so stay tuned but reserve that morning for a possible goodbye celebration.



11 - Rachel Miller

15 - Chanda Hernandez

26 - Erin Ryan

27 - Jeanie Wyatt

30 - Marcy Marcum

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