The Life of Kung Fu

By: Dee Dee Pryor

How Kung Fu Got Started

Kung Fu got started for one reason. An Indian Monk named Bodhidrama(aka Do Ma or Buddha) thought it would be a good idea so chinese people wouldn't fall asleep durning meditation. He wanted to spread the word so he went to the Shaolin temple to tell the people about it. when Buddha did there was only 18 exercises movements at first. Now Kung Fu is popular in China and all over the world.

Kung Fu is not Finished

Do you think that that was all to Kung Fu? Well, three people didn't think so. Chuan Yuan,Li Cheug, and Pai Yu Feng thought they should add more to Kung Fu. When they did Martial Arts was split in to five different Kung Fu types. They are all based on animals. The five animals are the dragon, tiger, crane,leopard and snake. Now there is a lot more to Kung Fu today.

Kung Fu Pictures

What Does Kung Fu Mean?

There are many meanings to Kung Fu. Kung Fu really means energy time Kung meaning energy Fu meaning time. Also Kung Fu is a way of improving and strenghting health. Kung Fu was also used for techniques. Martial Arts is used all around us.

Animal Meanings

  • Dragon meaning flexiblity
  • Tiger meaning strenght
  • Crane meaning balance
  • Leopard meaning power and speed
  • Snake meaning strenghten breathing


  • 525 AD
  • Liang Dynasty(502-557)
  • Yhuan Dynasty(1260-1368)