BCPS One Class Website & Symbaloo

Bookmarking Sites

Which is better?

Both allow students to have favorite websites at their fingertips! Symbaloo is visually appealing and fun. BCPS One Class website provides easier access for our students. Symbaloo has tons of free webmixes already created for teacher and student use.

It's a great tool for students and parents!

  1. Log into BCPS One
  2. Select Class Websites on the left sidebar
  3. Click the new website button
  4. Provide a description
  5. Change background color
  6. Copy the URL in case you do not want students to log into BCPS One
  7. Select class you will link to the site.
Add Content
  1. Create New, Add title
  2. Add videos, links, images

Getting Started

First you will need to set up account and check email to activate your account.

You can create your own webmix to share with students, parents or colleagues. The video below provides step by step directions for using Symbaloo.

Using Symbaloo (a bookmarking service) in Education

Post and Share your Webmix

There is a bank of already created webmixes that you can use as well. Below are a couple I recently found that have been shared quite often.
January 12, 2016 Tech Tuesday