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Overview of Holocaust

The holocaust is basically a guy that was named Adolf Hitler tried to kill everyone besides true Germans. In 1933 Hitler created concentration camp for the Jews.

Definition/Background Information

The Luftwaffe is a high German raking air force. They got defeated by the US. In November 1939, almost two hundred professors and staff from Cracow's venerated jagiellonian university were arrested by German security police taken to the sachsenhausen concentration camp. these professors and staff were members of the Luftwaffe.

Original Research Question

Why was the luftwaffe defeated?

Moreover, Soviet aircraft were good. They did not have long ranges like other countries' aircraft or very heavy armaments, but they were designed perfectly for the purpose they were made for. Fighters had fewer number of lighter caliber machine guns which fired from the nose area as opposed to loading the aircrafts' wings with many high caliber weapons like how US and UK did. Which not only increased the roll rate and hence agility of the fighters but also accuracy - Soviet pilots preferred dogfighting and doing accurate shots at their targets as opposed to doing hit and run like US or UK format required. Ground attack aircraft were not bastardizations of fighters, but purpose built stuff - like IL-2 flying tank. Which was so tough that it was called flying tank by the infantry, and even did mock strike runs on German infantry positions just to scare them even after their ammo ran out and they couldn't shoot anymore. The catch about this aircraft is, you could easily see them break off and engage you to dogfight with you when you attacked one. Actually they were used in place of fighters for many purposes.


According to Goering and the Luftwaffe high command, they were supposed to be the fighter elite.


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