World Heritage Marketing - Jan 15th

Lets get some placements!


Aside from working with our New England team on a one-to-one basis, I am going to be sending over ideas on how to network and market the program so that you can be working on placements on your own too. These very simple ideas work and only take a few minutes per week as most of the time it only involves a 'google search' and a 'copy and paste'. Our focus is on placing one student at a time. For instance, if we put out a blurb for Zoe, 16, a dancer from France (see below) and a family is interested in hosting her, we find the other families a similar student with the same interests. Last year Luciana, from Vermont, placed an blurb via the high school principal and ended up with 4 placements. Although there is no one guaranteed way to place students, trying different things will bring host families into your area.

Zoe, 16, From France (send out this blurb to dance schools in your area)

World Heritage Student Exchange is looking for a loving host family to host Zoe, 16, from France during the upcoming school year, she will arrive in August. Zoe is a dancer with a passion for ballet and contemporary dance. She would love to be hosted by a family that shares her passion. She comes with her own pocket money and health insurance. Zoe is an only child and lives in a small apartment with her mother in France. She hopes to have a host sister or brother (or both) in her new American family. Zoe enjoys school, especially history, she loves learning about the past. Living in America for an academic year is a dream come true for Zoe, can you be part of her dream? For more information about hosting Zoe please contact: your name and number

Lasse, 16, Denmark (send this to local AYSO or soccer organizations)

We are looking for a loving host family for Lasse, 16, from Denmark, for the upcoming 16/17 school year. It's Lasse's dream come true to spend an academic year in the USA. Lasse has a passion for soccer and is currently a member of the Elite national team in Denmark. He would like to become a police officer when he's older. Lasse loves his dog and has taught him lots of tricks. He also enjoys playing video games. Lasse comes with all of his own pocket money and health insurance and has all he could need except a loving host family, can you be that family? If you would like more information please contact: your name and number at World Heritage Student Exchange

Luisa Elaine, 16, from Germany (send to local catholic churches and ask them to put the blurb in their newsletter)

World Heritage Student Exchange are looking for a loving host family for Luisa Elaine, 16, from Germany. This happy and optimistic girl loves to help others. When she's not looking after her younger siblings she enjoys being part of a catholic charity. She also sings in a gospel choir. Luisa Elaine is a fantastic writer and avid reader. She is interested in the environment and animals. She loves animals so much that she became a vegetarian. Luisa Elaine comes with health insurance and her own pocket money and has all she could need except a loving host family, can you be that family? If you are interested in hosting Luisa Elaine, please contact: your name and number

Remember: you can show people pics of the kids but don't leave the kids photos with them unless they are already a screened family. Keeping our kids safe is our first priority.

A couple of ideas of what others reps are doing!

David, a new rep in Vermont has set up a slot on a local tv station, who have agreed to run it several times a week for a few months. David doesn't have any students as of yet, so Luciana, also from Vermont, as offered to drive her students down to the tv station so that they can have the experience of being on tv and it will be a great way to promote the program to get kids placed this year! Awesome networking!

Filadelfia in Virginia did a presentation to a language class (more to come) and provided me with 32 names and email addresses of the students (phone numbers are also great), I sent them all a copy of our outbound brochure and also created a smore flyer aimed at teens about hosting inbound (let me know if you would like this customized for your own list of teens) go Filadelfia!

Want to make your own flyer?

Check out you get to make 5 free flyers! Perfect for the less than technically savvy, like myself!

Want to put an ad out in your neighborhood for free?


General Blurb:

World Heritage student is exchange is looking for loving host families for the upcoming 2016/17 school year. All students come with their own health insurance and spending money. You choose the student, the country and the interests, we have the perfect student for your family. An excellent way to help your own child become globally aware and you'd be giving another teen the opportunity of a lifetime. If you'd like more information, please contact: name and number

Contact info

Don't hesitate to contact me! Let me know if you have questions, need promotional material, help with the database, student files, etc. PS: Business cards are on order from Head Office, you should have yours within a week or so. If you have an urgent question over the weekend call me or text me at: 203-815-5881,