Sam Houston for president

By: Jordan Skalski

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Relations with Mexico

Mexico will try to take our country I will not allow that but the only way I can prevent the Mexican army from killing every last one of us is to negotiate with the Mexican government.Lamar is trying to create another war with Mexico and that will not work because we are 5 Million dollars in debt, we are outnumbered, and we don't want our soldiers to be back in battle and risk there lives for something that can be solved with negotiation.


It is our policy to hold out the idea that we are very able to sustain ourselves but in all actuality we need the U.S.A. to help us sustain our home. We are $5M in debt, we cannot afford for mexico to attack and if we become part of the U.S.A. we will be protected from Mexico.

the Veteran of Texas

Vote for Houston

Wednesday, April 22nd 1846 at 12pm

The Republic of Texas