About non.

do you hate school? do you hate everyone? well i have just the thing for you! Non. The prefix for when your non in the mood. using non in front of words will help get the point across that you're non-interested. Using non in essays, speeches, and other projects will help your peers understand you just want to be at home and that you didn't agree to wake up this morning anyways. Non is a unique prefix to replace boring words with. compare to Ir. and next time when you're in a bad mood, don't be arrogant and change you're vocabulary up a little bit today!

Story of non.

There once was a girl nicknamed Non. This is why...

Non was born into a family of four. Two annoying parents and brothers. Non used to be a happy child but when she reached elementary school things changed. Non didn't like most people. In fact, she feared them. So most nights Non would just stay in her room with a tub of ice cream and her laptop by her side. Rarely she'd talk or even bother with her family. She hated them too. Her family had enough. Her family, acquaintances, and teachers called her things like nonexistent, non-caring, and non-productive. So after a while they just called her non. non soon after graduated highschool and moved out and throughout the rest of her life, the name " non " stuck.