Anakin Skywalker

The Tragic Hero Hall of Shame

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Biographical information

Anakin was born to be a Jedi Master but was raised as a slave with his mother. When Anakin was young, a Jedi, named Qui-gon Jin, and his apprentice, Obi-wan Kenobi, came to Anakin's home planet and meet him. After realizing Anakin's potential, Qui-gon makes a bet to free Anakin from slavery if he fixed Qui-gon jin ship to get back home. Luckily Qui-gon wins the bet and takes Anakin to see the Jedi council. On the way to the Jedi council Anakin begins to fall for the princess Padme. Once Qui-gon asks to train Anakin with the Jedi council they turn him down because they find him a risk to be training. Once the Jedi council has turned Anakin down Qui-gon dies in battle with Darth Mal, the dark sides biggest force. Obi-wan then asks the Jedi council to let him train Anakin again and this time around they accept Anakin because if they were to let him go he would most likely fall to the dark side. In time Anakin marries Padme and she becomes pregnant with his child. Anakin then has a vision that his wife and unborn child were going to die and becomes obsessed with his family. All of the worrying leads him down a dark path. When his child was born Padme died but the child lived. Anakin then gave away the child. Shortly afterwards Obi-wan sees the darkness in Anakin and tries to help him but only gets into a battle with him. In this battle Obi-wan wins and Anakin barely lives. From this point on Anakin wears a special suit to keep him alive and is called Darth Vader. Anakin also becomes a member of the dark side at this point.

What he follows!

-Anakin is of noble birth, he was born to be a Jedi master.

-Anakin is responsible for his own fate because when he has a vision that his own unborn child and wife where going to die he made decision to try to protect them and ended up along the dark side.

-his tragic flaw was his obsession over power.

-Anakin is doomed to make a serious mistake by giving away his child that later on in the story is his son

-Anakin towards the end of the story during a fight with his son is defeated and takes of his mask accepting his own fate and telling Luke sky walker he is his own father.

-Anakin does realize he has made and irreversible mistake by leaving his son Luke sky walker that later in the story is trying to kill him, as well as anakin joining the dark side

-Anakin does accept death with honor as when his son Luke is trying to save him, he tells Luke to take the helmet off of him, and if he did that he would die so Luke takes the helmet off and anakin dies. Luke told him he was going to save him but anakin said he had already did.

what he doesn't follow?

-Anakin does not incorporate many heroic qualities besides him just trying to save his family from death so that is why he doesn't follow or is included in that rule.

-Anakin also does not follow the rule of following from great heights or high esteem he does completely the opposite when he goes to the dark side he becomes chief and has his own military and groups that are loyal to him