Johannes Gutenburg

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"Why write it when you can type it"

Johannes Gutenburg (Intellectual & Religious)

Johannes Gutenburg developed a method for printing books that

would replace handwritten copying which soon became known as the printing press.


  • Jan 1 1398 - Johannes Gutenburg was born
  • 1420 - Gutenburg is in exile
  • 1430 - Gutenberg is allowed back to Mainz
  • Jan 1 1446 - Start of the Gutenburg Revolution
  • Jan 1 1448 - Gutenburg prints the calendar for 1448
  • Jan 1 1450 - Gutenburg prints the Gutenburg
  • 1454 - At least part of Gutenberg's Bible is completed
  • Feb 3 1468 - Johannes Gutenburg's death

Gutenburg Summary

The printing press was one of the most significant inventions of the Middle Ages. It was invented in the mid-15th century (during the Renaissance period) by Johannes Gutenberg. It allowed the fast flow of information and encouraged the spread of new ideas. In 1452 the first Christian Bible was published. The printing press was responsible for the decline of the Catholic Church in north-western Europe.