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Important Schedule Reminders and Daily Bell Schedule Adjustments

Please mark your calendar with the following updates: No school for students March 1, March 12, April 16 and March 29-April 2nd. Students will now return to school on Monday, April 5th. (this is no longer an inservice day).

Also, in order to ensure our students have enough time to enjoy their lunch and recess time safely with the new protocol, the following adjustments have been made to the daily bell schedule.

(Tosa Connected Students - Your teachers will be reaching out with minor (if any) adjustments to your schedule)

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Spring Conferences **Updated**

Conference time is quickly approaching and will look very similar to the fall. This semester, our conferences will take place virtually through the zoom platform on March 9th and March 18th (4:30 - 8:00). This will provide all families with an opportunity to sign up for a conference, but please understand these are NOT mandatory. Therefore, if you feel a conference is NOT needed at this time, you should not feel obligated to schedule a conference. If you cannot sign up online, please call our office at 414-773-2400, and we will be happy to assist you. We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress

Track and Tennis Begin After Spring Break

Due to our conference, we may only be able to offer 7th/8th grade track this spring. Please fill out this form if your student is going to participate in spring sports.

Athletic forms are due to the office by Thursday, March 18th at 3:30 pm.

There will be a Tennis meeting via Zoom on March 11th at 5:30 pm.

Longfellow PTA Pantry Relocation

The LMS Pantries have been moved back outside the cafeteria doors! The outdoor 24/7 access made the pantries easier to use. Please feel free to take the food, personal hygiene, cleaning and school supplies that are offered. And if you are able, please donate to help those in need!

**Note: in the winter months, please donate items that aren’t affected by the cold (including items packaged in glass). Suggestions include paper products, toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, bar soap, pasta, cereals, peanut butter, rice, crackers, etc.


Black History Month Door Decorating Contest Winners

Thank you Ms. WK and the Longfellow BSU for all your hard work and dedication creating this experience for our Orioles.

Also, thank you to the handful of PTA members and parents who took time out of their day to serve as our official judges!

Longfellow Middle School PTA Community Needs Survey

The 2020-21 school year will be different for everyone, including our PTA activities and outreach for students. One of the needs the PTA is focusing on this year is the home. We NOW have Pantry Cabinets set up with food, personal hygiene, cleaning products, and school supplies onsite for students and families at Longfellow. We are proud to be in such a giving community for we all have times of need, especially in these uncertain times!

To help us identify items to stock up in our Longfellow Pantry, please fill out this survey. If your family is in need of specific items or needs assistance with picking up needed items, include your contact info along with the items needed. **All responses are confidential and will only be shared with the Longfellow School Counselors who will assist with distribution.**

If you are in a position to donate to the Pantry Cabinets, you're welcome to stock them as you see fit. If you'd like to make a monetary donation that will go towards restocking cabinet supplies, please use the following link: https://longfellowmspta.new.memberhub.store/store/items/215118

Thank you!
-- Longfellow PTA and School Counselors

Human Growth and Development Units Coming Up for Students

It's that time of year again. Your student will be studying human growth and development topics for two weeks this school year. While this is a Board approved curriculum, if you'd rather your student not take part please reference this opt out form.

6th grade parents will be getting information from Mrs. Mohacsi in the near future.

"Teaching Tosa": Student-led Tutoring/Mentorship Opportunity Extends Availability

A group conscientious Tosa high schoolers have been working together to find ways to support their school community during these difficult and uncertain times. Back in early December this group of students, from both East and West, began Teaching Tosa. Completely student organized and ran, Teaching Tosa provides homework help, tutoring, or just plain mentorship via ZOOM.

Please reference their website for more information.

(NOTE: The team has grown since my previous communication, and Teaching Tosa is not limited to students accessing Study Hubs)

Lockers, Lockers, Lockers

Starting second semester, students wishing to access lockers will be able to do so. Locker numbers will be included on your second semester schedule. However, due to the imminent learning window and time required to manipulate combination locks during passing time we WILL NOT BE ISSUING LOCKS.

Please know, the addition of locker access brings other elements for students to consider:

  • Please remain mindful of one another's space; avoid holding conversations and congregating by lockers.
  • Please try to limit locker visits throughout the day by continuing to utilize your backpack. (Use your locker for coats, boots, phy ed clothes, lunches, etc)
  • Please only use the locker assigned to you.
  • You are NOT required to utilize a locker if you choose.

While there are teachers/supervisors in the hallway at all times throughout the day, please keep valuables such as phones and chromebooks on your person.

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration during this transition.

Food Service Links

Food Service Update: Free Weekend Meals

The Wauwatosa School District will now also provide free weekend meals for all District students - even those who do not qualify for free/reduced meals. Please complete the appropriate form below and submit at least 24 hours prior to meal pickup.

Click here for the Virtual Learners Lunch Request Form

Meals can be picked up at Longfellow Middle School or Whitman Middle School on Wednesdays from 8 - 10 am. Orders must be received by 12 noon on Tuesdays. Please complete one form per household.

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Longfellow PTA Community Pantry

The Longfellow PTA has set up food and toiletry pantries for our families and community. If you are able to donate, our pantries are located outside of the cafeteria doors, in the back of the building on the west side. Look for the big white tent! The pantries are between it and the building.

The biggest needs for the food pantry are cereal, breakfast bars, peanut butter/nut butters/non-nut butters, jelly, pasta, ramen, pasta sauce, rice, fruit cups, as well as proteins such as beef jerky, tuna, canned chicken and beans.

The toiletry pantry is stocked with toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, soap, cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. School supplies are also welcome!

The pantries are for our community and fueled by our community. Take what you need and leave what you can!

Other Potential Support for Families on Asynchronous Days

Asynchronous learning can be difficult for most of us...students AND adults. Whether it technology issues or learning how to navigate Canvas, we've had to become experts in troubleshooting and resourcefulness. For others, the biggest obstacle is not having a quiet/safe place to sit down and work during these asynchronous days.

The following community centers are offering space/supervision for situations like this:

While fees may apply to some of these programs, there are options available for all families to access. Most of these organizations work in conjunction with Wisconsin Shares as well.

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The Counselor Team

Longfellow School Counselors dropped into every 6-8 Social Studies & US History classroom over the last 3 weeks to talk with students about their role in supporting them this year! School Counselors provide help with course scheduling, academic support, and any personal or peer issues that arise. Phased-into-Learning and Tosa Connected students can request a check-in with a counselor by visiting the counseling office OR by filling out a request form HERE.

School Psychologist and Counseling Intern

Students can also check-in with Mrs. Corroy (left), our School Psychologist or Ms. Morrow, our School Counseling Intern this year. Ms. Morrow is a graduate student from the University of WI-Whitewater and joins the team on Mondays and Thursdays. Welcome!!

Longfellow PTA Teacher Appreciation

Hello! The Longfellow PTA would like to show our appreciation for the Longfellow staff, who have been working especially hard during these unique circumstances.
We are hoping to help stock the fridge with beverages and provide treats for them throughout the year, in addition to our week-long celebration in May. Please sign up if you are able! There will be additional opportunities to sign up in the future. Thanks very much!!

Longfellow PTA


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What is Launch!?

Learners fast forward into their future and are fully immersed in personalized professional cultures, exploring industries of interest, solving real world problems, and using industry standard tools. Learners connect, work and are coached by employers, employees and professionals in their professions of choice, all while receiving high school and potentially college credit, and industry credentials. Projects are designed to meet employer and employee needs, invite innovation and entrepreneurship, or career or industry exploration. This program is an example of how business, community, agencies, and educators can partner to produce the most personalized learning profession-based experiences that educate the talent of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.

LAUNCH provides the opportunity to deeply explore professional areas of interest through a profession-based, inquiry learning method. When this program concludes, students will have been exposed to industry brands, built a professional network of support, and developed credentials that will foster continuous improvement via lifelong learning, unlock and access human potential, collaboration and problem solving skills. Students will learn how to learn for themselves! In addition, LAUNCH will connect students to internships and job opportunities that connect to their professional plan.

Longfellow Black Student Union Will begin 2020 Meetings soon!

Our BSU will be kicking off in the near future! Please listen/pay attention to the announcements as Mrs. WK will be sending out information very soon. Everyone who wishes to be a part of the discussion can be as meetings will be held with Connected and P-I-L students concurrently!

BSU Kickoff Info

First meetings will be during lunch this Tuesday (Cohort A), Wednesday (Both Longfellow Connected Cohorts) and Friday (Cohort B).

Wednesday's ZOOM Link

It's Important for Our Families to Know

Here at Longfellow, we celebrate the diversity that has come to define our learning community. Our staff continues working toward a culture of humility and vulnerability as we try to better reach ALL our families during such a unique time in history. Unfortunately our message of equality and unity recently experienced a setback when a person, or group of people, distributed racist literature throughout our community. Both disgusted and heartbroken by these events, we will continue to have these conversations and support our students in every way possible.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any Longfellow staff member should you need support or have ideas on how to strengthen our partnership, learning community, and neighborhoods.

Sincerest Regards,

Seth Larson

Message from the Nurse's Desk

Please reference this letter from the nurse regarding Covid-19 mitigation efforts and strategies.

Longfellow Athletics 2020-2021

As of right now we will be having our fall sports, but in a very limited fashion. Please see this letter from our Athletic Director Brian Theriault for important information.

Thank You Families, Teachers, and Students

The cohorts are set, “Tosa Connected” is ready to go, and student class schedules will be released in the very near future. We are almost back to school! With that said, I want to sincerely thank our families for being beyond patient and understanding through this process. You’ve had to make difficult decisions regarding your child’s health and schooling. You’ve had to adjust work schedules and arrange child care. You’ve had to make substantial life changes based on new (and oftentimes changing) information. I am truly sorry for the inconveniences caused during this already stressful time. Please know our teachers have been working tirelessly to ensure your student’s Longfellow experience is safe and meaningful, no matter the mode of instruction. Thank you for your trust in us.

Thank you, Longfellow teachers, for your courage, professionalism, and willingness to rise to this occasion. You continue to amaze every day.

Finally, thank you, Longfellow Orioles, for being our “why” as we prepare for this new experience together. We got this.


Seth Larson

welcome mr. abdelmawla!!!

Son of two first generation Americans (Scotland and Libya), and military Vet, our new Associate Principal brings worldly experiences to Longfellow!
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Meet your new math teacher!

Mr. Dan Holland, a former dairy farmer from Monroe and sports management director in Kenosha, will be teaching 7th and 8th grade math at Longfellow. Welcome Mr. Holland!
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Longfellow Says Goodbye to Some Amazing Humans

Dear Longfellow Orioles,

I think it's safe to say 2020 is a year we are ready to leave behind. School ending early, activities being cancelled, and being stuck at home was not the spring we anticipated at Longfellow. Now, in addition to this already difficult time, we have unrest in our cities and amplified division in our communities. Longfellow Orioles, we need you. This world needs you.

There is so much to celebrate at our school. There is incredible talent...there is ambition....creativity....there is limitless potential among you. But what's so much more than any of those things? There is also empathy and an appreciation for each other as individuals. There IS kindness among you. I truly hope through these difficult times you can still recognize that. I also hope that at some point in your future, you see what I see in you. What your teachers see in you. That you are able to look in the mirror and see your worth. Please, continue to celebrate your differences and help shrink this divide in our schools, in our communities, and in our world. I've said this before, you are your parents' greatest gift to this world....make it a better place than you found it.

I hope each of you and your families are staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally during this time away.

Kindest regards and I miss you all,

Principal Larson

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Birthday Visit for Ruiming!

Some Longfellow teachers have been meandering around town looking for ways to (safely) bring some smiles to our Orioles. Keep an eye out...some positive vibes might be coming your way.

"The Oriole Times" - Digital Edition

Mrs. Engel's writers of the Oriole Times wanted to do one more edition before the end of the school year! Check it out!

Get Out of the House and Take a Trip Somewhere (kinda)!!

Take a look at some of these super cool virtual field trips! I've always wanted to go to Yankee Stadium and the Son Doong Cave! These are almost as cool as the real thing!

Longfellow Artists shine through during their time in quarantine

Some of our Orioles have been finding ways to not only cope but excel during this difficult time. Check out some of the impressive work our Orioles are creating during their "digital" art experience!

Longfellow Artists

A (really awesome) Public Service Announcement from Your Classmate!

8th grader Julius Ryan was asked the question, How are you feeling about the world right now? THIS was his response. So, SO awesome! Thanks, Julius.

"Allied Hearts" - Ms. Mohacsi and Ms. Condon sending the Longfellow love ZOOM style

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