Weekly Update

for the week of September 19, 2016

What's Coming?

  • 9.19.16-Leadership Workshops 12:30-2:30
  • 9.20.16-Fire Drill
  • 9.20.16-K-Kids Meeting
  • 9.21.16-Wear your Lead Stong T-shirt
  • 9.22.16-Action Team Meetings-Meet in the Media Center 3:20 pm
  • 9.23.16-Homecoming game vs East Jackson


Please do not launch ePsark in Walk to Read until the week of September 26th.

Fun Run

The PTO Fun Run is off to a great start. Each week they use random.org and enter all of the names of the children who have set up an online account. They draw five names and those children will be called to the office to choose a prize from the posters and basket of prizes. The wrap-up assembly will be late October and we will also recognize the children who have completed the Think Stretch books.

MCS Foundation and United Way

A reminder from Mrs. Vannatter:

Earlier this week, Laura sent you this, "Just a reminder that if you would like to give to MCSF and/or United Way you need to turn in your completed form no later than Friday, September 16, 2016." We are now extending the deadline until Monday morning, September 19, 2016.

Please consider giving to the Foundation or United Way. Both organizations do provide wonderful benefits to our community and students. And remember if you contribute $35.00 to the Foundation to become a patron, your name will be put in a drawing for a paid day off. (I will work your position for the day!)

Leadership Workshop

I had originally planned for the Specials teachers to meet with the classroom teachers during Leadership Workshops. I am going to move this meeting to October 3rd.

The first Leadership Workshop will be a variety of housekeeping issues for first through fourth-grade. Kindergarten will begin with the first habit.

We will discuss Leadership Roles; our WIG; and I will talk a little about the Trivia Night question form that will go home on Monday.

Leadership Workshop Newsletter

It is my hope to have a newsletter to send electronically to all children after each workshop. The goal will be to share what is happening, ask for support, and or look for parent involvement. If you have any great articles or ideas to include, please share with me and I will incorporate the info into the newsletters.

Birthdays for September

September Birthday's

  • 9/4-Sharon Haeussler
  • 9/7-Sarah McCaffrey
  • 9/10-Kathy O'Mara
  • 9/13-Nick Niehaus
  • 9/15-Melissa Yekulis

Other Friends we might not see daily...

  • 9/22-Evelyn Punches
  • 9/24-Erin Collins
  • 9/26-Kelly Curtis
  • 9/28-Bobbi Huddleston

Everyday Math survey

Below is a survey for EDM materials. First-Fourth grade classroom teachers and Special Education please respond by Monday, 9/19/16.


SLO and beginning of the year meetings

I will plan to schedule the beginning of the year meetings with Faculty the week of October 3rd. Below are the materials you need to share with me 24 hours before your meeting. Remember that if you are on your off year you will only need to have the SLO forms completed for your meeting.

I also wanted to let you know that if you attended a professional development opportunity beyond Leader in Me; Everyday Math; or a CBD course, and are using it for your 30 District Provided PD hours, you have to take a picture of the Sign In/Sign Out Sheet. You can send that to me. To personalize our PD for you, the state requires this step.

Don't forget Constitution Day

Consitution Day was September 17th. I have attached a link from the Michigan Center for Civic Education: http://www.miciviced.org/resources/constitution-day

PTO Senior Luncheon and Team Graduation

The PTO Senior Luncheon and Music Program will be December 7, 2016. This is the same day that Report Cards will be going home. The event should be fairly traditional with the music program, tours, and lunch. The gym will be set up the day before and there will be two rehearsals. One will occur for a true rehearsal and the second will be with an audience of parents.

The TEAM graduation will capitalize on the gym set up and will hold their event December 6th at 6:30 pm. They too will need to have rehearsal on Dec. 6th and it will likely need to be in the morning.

Student Handbook Updates

I am making a few updates to the student handbook. There are a few last Board Policy updates to include, and new laws and procedures to include. Let me know if there is anything you don't see in the Handbook. (I am updating the snack piece, attendance policies, and search and seizures.)

Progress Reports and date reminders/Conference scedules

Mrs. Marsh is creating a master conference schedule for each classroom teacher. You may change anything on the document before you send this out to your families. Do you want a twenty-minute conference? Are you trying to get to your own child's conference? You have the power to adapt the times to fit your class size and needs. It is still the goal to meet with every family, create a connection, and get on the same page with the families about the education of each child. The Specials teachers, Title One and Special Education teachers will operate with an Open House format for conferences and they will post where they will be located for each conference session.

Progress Reports will go home to all children on October 17, 2016.

Conferences will be October 18th and 20th.

Report Cards will go home December 7, 2016

Kinder progress reports: https://docs.google.com/a/mcs.k12.mi.us/document/d/15tk4Ywtlzl0uw10JpJAWHG_7r_8dVHktXsJ3YJWnJTo/edit?usp=sharing

First grade progress report: https://docs.google.com/a/mcs.k12.mi.us/document/d/1wmjvq0cy-z9T1OMhb_M6XsaOr-C6C-iTUWHpKmuKePA/edit?usp=sharing

Second grade progress report: https://docs.google.com/a/mcs.k12.mi.us/document/d/1NGv_TGjpN_Tr_h_7oq1HTS_JHoO7yQRvoZu2NeZGB6w/edit?usp=sharing

Third grade progress report: https://docs.google.com/a/mcs.k12.mi.us/document/d/16I1mabEc9ISsGyj7DzNcHUptYsIh83zMvuHGI-EAmTY/edit?usp=sharing

Fourth grade progress report: https://docs.google.com/a/mcs.k12.mi.us/document/d/1kSofKHxpQlqoMY0RW6pNuBTbWxcE4PD8c4Gwb6dqg4k/edit?usp=sharing

Steps to using these links:

  1. open the link
  2. go to file and click make a copy
  3. rename the file to "(your name) 2016-17 progress report
  4. close the original file
  5. now make as many copies of the (your name) 2106-17 file as you have students in your class.
  6. rename each copy for a student in your class
  7. create a file for all progress reports-Label the folders(your name) Progress reports 2016-17
  8. save each progress report to the folder as yu rename.
  9. To save to a folder-click on the file folder grey button near the title
  10. It will have a blue box that says Move this item-click on this
  11. click on My Drive > the arrow will take you to your drive
  12. Once in your drive at the bottom of the drop down box you will see a folder icon with a plus sign in it.
  13. click on the file folder icon and name the folder (progress reports 16-17) and click the blue check mark box.
  14. then click the blue box to move here.
  15. Once the folder is created you will only need to click the file folder next to the title when you create a new copy and find the new file folder and move the doc to this space.
If you need support with this please see me and we can do this together.

Principals Advisory

I will need the members for the Principals advisory to send a preferred meeting schedule to me and will take the info and create four meeting dates for the 2016-17 school year.

MDE student Growth Chart

I am creating a simple ELA and Math Growth Chart for Kindergarten, First and Second grade. Please record the data from the beginning of the year. In the spring I will resend the document and you will need to record the data and we will have a record of student growth for the state of Michigan.

The recording sheet asks for the Read Wel initial placement entry point level and the End of the Year Math assessment score.

This still needs student names entered, I will ask Mrs. Marsh to help with this task.


Let's plan to have the initial data input by October 3rd.


We have ten of 44 staff members of Luther C. Klager Elementary who have filled out the short bio and favorites survey. As a part of our culture change, we hope to learn about your big rocks and why's. This information will have an appearance in the monthly Keeping Up with Klager, in our staff lounge, and when necessary shared with the Manchester Mirror. Please join us and share just a bit about yourself with your colleagues and families of Klager.


Attendance Tracking Form

The district has created an Attendance/Truancy team to look at our compliance with the countywide attendance protocol and see what we can do as a district to share the message about school attendance. The Michigan Compulsory Attendance Law (2010) states that the students must attend school from age six to eighteen years of age the entire school year.

Last year 43% of the students of Manchester Community Schools missed more than ten days of school. In an effort to decrease this number and share the importance of being in class the team has created a protocol for absences. The team has asked each teacher to call the families of students who have missed 5 days of their class. As an elementary, we will create a monthly report and send the information to staff. We ask that you call the family and share that they have missed five days of school and that you missed their presence and you want to make sure there is not a cause of the absence that we could help to resolve at school. You can also send praise and thanks to a family who has kept a child home who was sick and fully recovered before returning. You may also find information about students who attend regular doctor's appointments or therapy sessions. The team has created a script: https://drive.google.com/a/mcs.k12.mi.us/file/d/0B1FZrNFlM45PZkFQeDhUekZZazQ/view?usp=sharing

We all believe that the caring and understanding of our staff means so much to our families, your call makes a difference.

After five absences we will be working with the family to follow the Countywide attendance protocol. I will send the finalized draft of the protocol later this week and add this information to the student handbook and family newsletter.

Fire Drill

When we have a drill this year the goal will be to continually look at our procedures and make suggestions for actual or future events. This drill was meant to be early in the morning before some attendance may have been completed. We also wanted to see what it looks like with no or few walkie talkies. Mrs. Marsh and I communicated via cell phone. I found the early morning sun made it hard to see all red/green cards. We think we will look at creating a plan for some walkie talkies or cell phone numbers to be used. I am not mandating any staff use their cell phone. Everyone appears to exit the building quickly, but we noticed many open doors or magnets still indoors. We also need to make some adjustments for our students who long distance walking may be uncomfortable.

Flyers in the Window

I have created a board of upcoming event flyers for parents and students to access. I have used the library exit door to create a flyer station. We will put information about the Youth Bowling or Movie Night, or possibly even photos of events that have recently occurred. Mrs. MacKenzie has inspired me. She is looking at options for creating a display area outside for the same purpose. We will try this for a few days and look to see if it creates too much distraction for the Media Center events.

Thank you Mrs. Marsh

We really appreciate the Welcome Back cake. Look for more tasty treats created by Mrs. Marsh this year.

Scholastic Webinars


Scholastic has several 30-minute webinars to discuss the various magazines. Remember, to count the webinar for PD it must be 60 minutes.

We Believe...

Mission Statement: Manchester Community Schools, in partnership with parents and community, use best practices to develop the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in all students to ensure they are future ready.

District and School Improvement Goals:

Goal 1: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in their literacy skills.

Goal 2: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in critical thinking.

Goal 3: All Manchester Community Schools students will become proficient in mathematical skills.

Goal 4: All staff will engage in the district-wide continuous improvement process.

District Vision: Educational Excellence in a Caring Community

District Purpose: Manchester students are provided the stepping stones for success.

The Villarreal's

Hard to believe we have headed into the third week of school. The start of school has slowed down my Pokemon Go boys. But they still have logged over 200 miles "Pokey-Moning" since July.

I spent Saturday at the MASB School Board workshop, Strategic Planning. There was a great representation of the community in attendance. I think there was great discussions and information shared to help the School Board create a 3 year Strategic Plan.

I am looking forward to a great week with Band practice, homework, and afterschool meetings.