Can You Put Out The Fire?

Wildfire? What could that possibly be?

Wildfires are a serious thing. Wildfires start out as a small, tiny fire. Then grow into huge mountain like fires that can do some major destruction that could cost millions of dollars, and what causes all of this, HUMANS. 90% of any wildfire, is caused by humans. So, us as humans need to be more careful and stop being idiots and be more civilized. I mean seriously, leaving cigarette butts in a flammable area will do serious damage and you're about to read why.

A big wildfire in a small place.

This sweet, southern state received a devastating chain of events. In South Carolina, on April 2nd, 2014, a man on Myrtle Beach, threw his cigarette butt on the ground. He must have not realized that he threw it on a bush because it caught a fire. This started a huge wild fire and set 13 buildings on fire and causing major damage to this part on the beautiful sunny Myrtle Beach. In fact, it cost 1.8 million dollars to fix all of the damage. What is the moral of the story my children? DON'T SMOKE.

More bad news for South Carolina.

Another devastating wildfire happened in the same beautiful place on April 9th, 2014. It did more damage then the last one. This wildfire destroyed 26 buildings and 109 housing devolpments. A 70 year old man was badly burnt and died due to this tragic wildfire. Also, you are most likely wondering how this wildfire was caused. Well, one home accidentally caught on fire setting the rest on fire.

How to prevent wildfires.

Ok, we all need to take precaution so we can prevent less wildfires from spreading.

1. Do not leave flammable items near flammable places or items. This means do not leave flammable items outside a home or building so you can stop the fire from spreading.

2. Turn off your stove and lights as you leave your home or when you are finished using them.

3. Clean out your lint trap every time before starting another load of laundry in your dryer.

4. Be careful when lighting a candel and be careful where you place them.

Having said all of this I would like you to please take precaution so we can stop wildfires and live our lives a little more happier.

In conclusion, I would like to say something. Wildfires are absolutely a serious matter. Most people don't think about it but, innocent people die when these wildfires happen. If we can prevent them from happening, our world can live a little more peaceful and more people will be able to sleep at night. I hope that we can try and take the wildfire rate down for each year.