Extinction of Tigers

by: Diana Guido


what my issue is that tigers are being extinct cause people are killing them and making clothing. The tiger skin clothes are not needed cause we already have clothes that are made of cotton or other materials. Also killing tigers is not got its a illegal so people are doing it anyway.

who does it affect

It affect the people and tigers cause what kind of example is this setting for the people that its good for us to break the rules. Also the other tigers that are still alive might be frighten and run away and maybe the other animals might as well leave . there used to be 5 types of tigers which are the Bengal tigers and the white Bengal, java tiger, Caspian tiger and the saber tooth tiger but now there's only two left in the world which are the Bengal and white tigers.


A memorial is about the death of people why not animals cause there just like us we have hearts and so do they we have ears just like them same with two legs and two arms and bones ,etc. . there's more than just being different than us humans if we were to kill things that are different than us we would all be doom cause we our self are different never the same. the tigers have the same right to be like us god brought them to the world just like us so who are we to kill the animals god gave us as a gift the least we can do is take care or it . memorial is to honor people who did why cant they be honored to they been through a lot just like us they lost family . so they should be a memorial for them cause were a like in every way we can be brave ,free, and loving .


The memorial would be located in south east Asia cause the tigers are mostly spotted there and since there's more there they would hunt them down and kill them . Also people can notice that there really endanger and might try harder to help the tigers . Some people out there are helping but not a lot to really make a difference .


my hope for this memorial is that people will think before going and killing this beautiful animal . Also might actually help find a place were they cam live in peace and not fear that when they step of there home they will get killed . my goal is that animal extinction will come to an end and the next generation will get to see such innocent and free spirited animal at work but lets hope its not late for people to notice what's going on.