David Strorm

From Waknuk

About myself

Hello my name is David Strorm. I live in an extremely religious family in the small town of Waknuk. My father, Joseph Strorm is a narrow minded individual. He believes that there must be no deviants and that everyone must follow the "True Image." I don't agree with him at all because having something small like an extra toe does not make you much different from everyone else. My best friend is my Uncle Axel. He's always got my back and gives me advice when I need help. I have a telepathic ability which makes me able to communicate with others through sending thought shapes. My uncle says I have to keep it a secret because he said the inspector might see it as a deviation. I recently realized that my younger sister Petra also has this power and that there were a couple more people that I have made a group with that also have it. I really hope that we all can run away one day. Hopefully there is some place out there that welcomes us for who we are so we don't need to hide in the shadows. It's not easy hiding our telepathic powers from society, sooner or later they will find out. All I know is that if we all work as team no matter where we go or end up, we will make it.



Why can't anyone just except me for who I'am? Who cares if I have a power that many others don't have, is it really that big of a deal? The people of Waknuk are so stuck in believing that "the true religion" is the only way of life. It's almost like they're brainwashed by my dumb dad. It's really been hard trying to hide my telepathic power lately and i know someones gotta find out sooner or later. The question is how long until then. A day? A month? A year? Probably soon because the way Anne is acting right now I don't know how long we can keep up. She just doesn't listen. We need to leave this place before its too late, Anne or no Anne. We must go somewhere far, somewhere safe where we can be ourselves so we don't need to hide in the dark anymore. It sounds so perfect but getting there is the hard part. The inspector will be looking for us everywhere and we all might just end up like Sophie. I really hope shes okay. Okay, I just need some time to think this through. But that is a problem because I have no time left.

a quote

" Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." -Ronald Reagan

This quote relates to David's beliefs because it tells us that freedom has to be fought for and it doesn't come easily. David was tortured and beat because he wanted to be free and excepted for who he is. After making it to the sealand lady he realizes that he's finally safe and doesn't need to hide himself anymore. David knew that the true religion was wrong and didn't give up his belief and finally got rewarded with freedom.

David's Playlist

  1. Crooked Smile by J-Cole: This song would be prefect for David's playlist because its about how no ones picture perfect. In the song J-Cole talks about how far he got with his crooked teeth. This song would change David's mind of deviants even more.
  2. Break From Toronto by ThePartyNextDoor: This song would be on David's playlist because its a song about having a break from a place and in the book the telepathic group really needed a break from Waknuk because of the tensions that were going on.
  3. A-Team by Travis Scott: This song would be on David's playlist because it's a song about a special team and this resembles to the book because David and his telepathic group are a team and they all have eachothers backs.
  4. Tale of 2 Cities by J-Cole: This is another song that would be on David's play list because it talks about the violence between two cities. In this case it would be about the conflicts between Wuknuk and the Fringes.
  5. Might not by Belly: This song is about not making it and David would have this song because he took a big risk to go to the fringes and he might of not made it alive.