From Corn To Cornflakes

Kejli Bektic


Cornflakes are a great breakfast. A lot of people eat it. Now I will tell you how to make it. OH! also fun facts.

Where do Cornflakes come from?

First of all the farmers grow the corn. Then after that the corn grows. Next it is picked with a machine that is called a combine.

How Cornflakes Are Made

First it is shipped to a factory. After that the kernels of corn are cooked. They are cooked for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Then they are shaken to make shure they are brandly. To give it a nice shape the kernels of corn are crushed in the flake roller. Another conveyor belt takes the cornflakes to the bagging room. Then the cornflakes are dropped in bagges..Then they are loaded in trucks to go to the markets. Then the store owners stack it carefully. Then you can buy cornflakes.

Cornflake Facts

Did you know it takes between 6 and 8 months to make cornflakes. Right now some were in this world a farmer is growing corn. That corn might be in your cornflakes.


Maybe you like cornflakes for breakfast. Now you know how corn flakes are made. From start to finish
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