What Causes Ocean Currents

By: Tyler Weaks 2nd Period

Big Idea #1

There are two kinds of currents in the oceans. There is the surface currents which are greatly caused by wind. There are also deep ocean currents which occur when surface currents and landform movement collide in the ocean and create the deep ocean current.

Big Idea #2

Currents can be caused by several things in the ocean and outside of the ocean. Some of the things that can cause ocean currents are wind, landform movement, density differences in the ocean, and temperature and salinity differences in the ocean.

Big Idea #3

When the deep and strong ocean floor currents take sediment with them then it can completely change the look and texture of the ocean floor in that area that it changed.

Question #1

Are underwater earthquakes really that severe to cause huge devastating tsunamis?

Question #2

Can the organisms that are moved and affected by the huge currents not go back to where they were and continue their lives?

How it affects our lives today

If we can predict the ocean movements and currents then we can sometimes predict the next natural disaster and also we can track the organisms for food with the predictable patterns with the moon and wind flow.