Cant play ball if you drink alcohol

Don't try it because you can't......

Cant play with slowed reactions

When people drink alcohol they may experience slowed or slowing reactions. This will not help you in anyway! You can trip or fall and then you may ruin your teams chances of winning like the play offs if you fall or even hurt one of your friends by falling on them.

Blurred vision won't help you either

This picture may be how you see everything and, if you do see like this thats not going to help your team, because if you cant see everyone then you can mess everything up. Pass the ball to the wong team, not be able to see the basket then miss the hoop and then just ruin everything. :( This should never have to happen though....

Sickness can keep you from playing!

If you get sick your not gonna play, then your not gonna be able to have a good career if you drink often and are an alcoholic because then you may have a hangover often and be sick alot. You'll get in big trouble for not being there bor being sick all the time.
Alexandra Petronchak, Even C