Hunter Shepherd, Block 1

physical, and chemical properties, where its found,uses, compounds, reactivity, and isotopes

  • Solid,
  • Melting point: 239.38,
  • Density: 2.07
  • burns with a blue flame,
  • insoluble,
  • when heated creates a rotten egg smell
  • it is found near hot springs and volcanic areas
  • uses: sulfuric acid and in fertilizers
  • hydrogen sulfide, sulfur trioxide
  • S8(s) + 8O2(g) → 8SO2(g)
  • S-32 , S-33 ,S-34 , and S-36

Scotty Sulfur: the life of

So have you been around someone who smelled so bad the hobos don't even want to be around, yes I know. His name is Scotty Sulfur the man who holds the record for human that smells the worst in the world. Well today i have his story to tell you.

His story begins in Salt Lake City, Utah where he grew up with family of 20. He was a foster care kid. when he was growing up he knew he didn't like water and he doesn't like the heat either or he generates this toxic heat that smells like rotten eggs.

He knew from now on that he must get the world record for worst smelling human. He has tried multiple things like: lighting himself on fire and for some odd reason he emits a blue flame, but he knew his only trick was to get to the hottest place on the earth the Sahara Desert and there he broke the world record by a vote a 2000 people he knew that he was the worst smelling human ever.