Building Alternatives

Want To Live In Harmony With Nature And Enjoy A Peaceful Life?

Building Alternatives is a company specialized in the designing and construction of homes based on the concepts of "green building" and "low energy", with special attention to the design and the currents of modern architecture. We are professionals, who specialize in the field of green building and energy savings. In the category of "Construction", we have developed a unique offer in the market “Energy Efficiency Homes NH". With us you can achieve maximum efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards with the latest technology.

We contribute to become one of the best positioned in the construction industry with low energy consumption. Building Alternatives construct one by one according to the needs and wishes of each customer, with great attention to the rules dictated by the ecological design, the materials and construction details. We built houses with eco-friendly materials and use wood as the main structural material, preserving a healthy living environment, natural and ecologically balanced, with extraordinary qualities of thermal and acoustic insulation, energy saving and comfort.

When you need Energy Efficient House Ideas NH or Home insulation services, a team of professionals is 24/7 accessible. Our construction time is significantly reduced compared to a traditional house: the delivery of a house "turnkey" is guaranteed in just few weeks. Getadded information about us by logging on to our web site