Wildlife Biologist

By; Julia R

Salary Range

$57,430 per year
$27.61 per hour
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Education necessary to do the job successfully

You must have a degree in biological science
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Job Description/Duties

Wildlife bioligists help out animals and their environment. They also help their natural habitat. They get to study how different animals behave. Bioligists will also study the diseases of animals and try to figure out how they get them.
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Environmental relationship between the environment and job

Wildlife bioligists deal with animals, trees, forests, rocks, lakes and rivers. By doing this they can figure out what different animals need. If an environment doesn't have enough water or trees or plants bioligists can move the animals to another environment or maybe help plant more trees and make ponds for water.


Wildlife biologists get payed good money for helping animals. They get to see cool animals. It would be awesome to get payed well for something you love to do.
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Wildlife biologists could get hurt by a wild animal. If you would come upon a baby animal the mama could get very angry. She would protect her baby. She may hurt or even kill you. Wildlife biologists have to be very careful.
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Interesting Facts.

I would get to study lions and tigers in the jungles of Africa. I could also go to rain forests to study monkeys, frogs, snakes and birds. I would also learn about the plants and the environment of these places. I get to help out animals and get payed for it.