Science ACT Tips

Helpful Tips!

  • The science test is less about what you learned, it's more of understanding data.
  • You need reasoning skills, a pacing strategy, and an effective approach.
  • Be flexible, it's okay to skip the question and guess.

Three Parts of the ACT

Charts and Graphs
  • 3 passages and 5 questions each
  • They always come with figures (charts, tables, graphs, etc).


  • 3 passages and 6 questions each
  • They usually come with figures, but mostly text.

Fighting Scientists

  • 1 passage and 7 questions
  • They sometimes come with figures, mostly involves more reading than the other categories.
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  • Time is your enemy, you only have 35 mins. with 7 passages/40 questions.
  • Do now, later, never.
  • Try to find the conclusions and the main point.
  • Pace yourself
  • Be flexible
  • Use POOD/POE