Pope Francis

Sovereign of the Vatican City State. Born: December 17, 1936

Why the Pope is so famous.

He was a new spiritual leader that brought a view of enlightenment to many christians throughout the world. He would do things selflessly and say, "Who am i to judge?" Pope Francis set a new view on the world that electrified the churches.
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10 phrases by Pope Francis that have changed the world

Backstory of Pope Francis

Born: December 17, 1936

Died: -not said- He lived to be 77

Pope Francis was born into Italian immigrants, on Beunos Aires. He recieved a masters degree in chemistry. Francis entered his priesthood on 1969. On March 2013 Pope Francis was officially declared as the pope. He was very supportive of the gay and lesbian communities. He believed that women should not be preists. Fran;cis had to get a lung removed when he was a kid because of a deadly infection. He learned to be wise and move along with helping people when he goal was not accomplished.

Pope Francis Elected: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina to be New Leader of the Catholic Church

Reasons i find the Pope great

He was a wise person that did not judge if they had a good heart and believed in the lord he would tell them, "Who am i to judge?" He is a great role model to look towards because he was wise and knew when he didn't win he would continue to move foward, that you can't stop just because you don't like one little thing. He saw the world as a beautiful thing and many people could realize this.

Good leader qualities




Good heart

Exemplary character


Functions orderly in bad situations


Keeping focus