Fourth Grade #ReaganRays

September 24, 2018

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Upcoming Dates

September 24 4th Grade Parent Night Information 5:30-7:00 PM Parent Night Rotations

October 8-9 Student Holiday/ Staff Development

October 15 BookPeople Presents Dav Pilkey! Tickets

October 16- Fall Pictures

October 23 and 24th Jog-a-Thon

October 25- Back to School Picnic 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

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Bridges Practice: Mass and Volume, Measuring Length

Imagine Math with LeanderISD Launchpad (normal login and password)

site code is: 4827030

***Multiplication facts through the 10's NEED to be mastered. (XtraMath & Math Magician)


Reading Response- Menu 5

60 minutes per week


Spelling - Unit 5

Login and Passwords for Ronald Reagan

Second Step - Family The Second Step program increases kids’ school success and decreases problem behaviors by teaching them skills for learning

4th Grade Play Information

From Mr. Brymer

Dear Reagan 4th Grade parents,

The 2018 Ronald Reagan 4th grade Class is proud to announce their 4th grade Program –

“We Honor Those Who Serve”. Veterans Day 2018

Date of Event: Thursday, Nov 8th.

Times: 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. (primarily for the students at school with very limited seating.) And, 5:30 p.m. All students report back to school. 6:00- 7:00 p.m. Evening Performance (With full seating for parents.)

All students participate

    • All students participate in all 3 performances.

    • We are asking your support in getting your child back to school at 5:30 for the evening performance. There are many soccer, and gymnastic practices in their lives. This is their only 4th grade play, and the only time they might understand the importance of working with a large team to honor a group of people. The team needs their support, and the evening performance is always the best.

    • Practice the music. Music lyrics and online links to the songs are attached.

    • Actors will memorize lines.

    • Stage Crew and Actors, and Production mangers will have required afterschool rehearsals on some Mondays from 2:45-4:15 pm (You will receive details separately if your child is chosen)

    • Singers do not have after school rehearsals.

  • Dress

    • Actors/Speakers-White shirts, with dark jeans, slacks, skirt

    • Singers-Red, white, or navy blue tops, with dark jeans, slacks, skirt.

    • Stage Crew-Black tops, dark bottoms.

    • Please, no lettering, photos, or graphics on the front of the shirt.

  • Please feel free to invite a Veteran.

    • Invite a friend, neighbor, or family member who is a Veteran. This is a great event to build Patriotism and respect for the members of the Armed Forces, but actually saying Thank You to Veterans is our purpose.

  • Send photos and service info about a Veteran you want to honor!

  • We will have a slide show to honor the Veterans you decide to Honor!

  • You may honor several Veterans! Family, neighbors, and friends. 1 photo per Veteran.

  • They don’t have to be photos of them in uniform.


  • I will not be able to accept additional photos after Oct 1st. The students must create a huge video in a very limited time frame and practice displaying it.

  • Email a JPG photo (take a photo with your camera phone or DSLR (I cannot accept hard copy images, PDF scans, or GIFs) to

  • Include Name, Rank, Service, and Name of student sending the photo. Example:

  • CAPT. JIM SMITH, PILOT US Air Force 1942-69. WWII, Korea, Viet Nam Grand father of Susie Smith.

Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing you at this exciting program!

Mike Brymer Performing Arts Reagan Elementary

Language Arts

Year at a glance

In this unit of study, students read and comprehend realistic fiction texts and use them as a model to write about their own personal experiences in a narrative. We read realistic fiction for entertainment and to increase our understanding of the world around us. We also improve our ability to empathize with characters different from ourselves. After reading selected texts, students create their own pieces of personal narrative writing.

Students learn to:

    • To make connections with the story and their own lives, as well as the world around them

    • To provide evidence from the text to analyze, make inferences, and draw conclusions about plot, characters, and theme and how they relate to their lives

    • To sequence and summarize the plot’s main events and determine whether the text is written in first or third person

    • To create personal narrative writing pieces using element of writing craft (the choices the author makes in conveying ideas and emotions) noticed in realistic fiction text (e.g., leads, endings, sensory details, use of punctuation)

    • How the writing traits of Focus and Coherence, Development of Ideas, Organization, and Conventions can improve their writing

    • To write legibly by selecting cursive script* or manuscript


Year At a Glance for Parent

Bridges Overview

Unit 1 Parent Letter

Unit Summary:

In this unit, learners will begin with multiplication and division, focusing on models such as the number line, ratio table (input/output table), rectangular arrays and area models. By solving multiplication and division problems, learners will investigate multiple strategies and connect the relationships learned to single-digit multiplication facts, multiplicative comparisons as well as equations. The unit ends by extending the idea of multiplicative comparison into the context of measurement to develop deeper understandings of the relative sizes of metric units for length, mass and liquid volume.

September Number Corner Summary:

During this first month of school, students become familiar with the rhythms and routines of each Number Corner workout, while reviewing, revisiting, and extending skills and concepts addressed in third grade and exploring those new to fourth grade. While each workout stands alone, there are also connections among them that invite students to consider the material in different contexts and that help solidify and deepen their understandings. The primary mathematical emphasis this month is multiplication: students review multiplication facts, work with multiples of 10, think about factors and multiples, and work on strategies for multiplication with larger numbers.


Year at a Glance

Natural Resources

In this unit students deepen their understanding of natural resources, the impact of using and conserving these resources on a community. Students observe the local weather and use data to make predictions about future changes to the weather. In addition, students explore slow changes to the surface of the earth by wind, water, and ice. Students develop a deeper understanding of the use of patterns in predicting shadows, the appearance of the moon, and weather.

Social Studies

Year at a Glance

Texas Geography

During the first week of school students will use geography tools to help us find and understand location and place.

  • Relationships among people, places, and environment affect geographical patterns (where people live) on the Earth’s surface.
  • Social Studies skills are necessary in order to acquire, organize, and use information for problem-solving and decision-making.

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