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Dec 17, 2018

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December 21 Winter Partie 8:00 8:55

December 24- January 7- Winter Break/ Winter Challenge

January 21- Student/Staff Holiday

February 18- Student Holiday /Staff Development

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Math- Equal not Equal and Frankie's Fractions and Deciamals

Reading Response- Menu 15

Spelling - Unit 15

Imagine Math - Home Practice

iStation- Home Practice

Multiplication facts . (XtraMath & Math Magician)

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Language Arts

Year at a glance

You Can’t Handle the Truth – Analyzing and Creating Expository Texts

Students learn to:

  • Use text features guide the reader to overview the contents of text and locate information

  • Understand the relationship among ideas and the way the text is organized

  • Use charts, diagrams, graphs, and illustrations to explain factual information

  • Use context clues, dictionaries, and glossaries to determine the meaning of words

  • Write responses to expository text using evidence from the text, and ask literal and interpretive questions

  • Make inferences, draw conclusions, summarize the main idea, and distinguish fact from opinion

  • Summarize informational/expository text

  • Communicate ideas to specific audiences for a specific purpose (expository writing)

  • Make a plan and gather information about the topic

  • Stay organized by including a topic sentence, supporting sentences with facts, details and explanations, and a concluding statement

  • Revise to improve ideas and organization and use effective word choices to convey the intended meaning

  • Use transition words to show time or indicate a conclusion

  • Capitalize historical events, documents, languages, races and nationalities

  • Spell commonly used homophones


Year At a Glance for Parent

Bridges FAQ's, Vocabulary Cards, Interactive Math Glossary

Bridges Unit 3 Parent Newsletter

Fractions & Decimals Overview

In this unit, students work with a variety of tools, including folded paper strips, egg cartons, geoboards, number lines, and base ten pieces, to model, read, write, compare, order, compose, and decompose fractions and decimals. Their investigations and explorations range from the purely mathematical—the relationship between fifths and decimals, for example—to applied, as they determine a strategy to figure out how many candy bars the fourth grade teacher will have to buy if she plans to give an undefined number of students three-quarters of a bar each.


Year at a Glance , Science Interactive Glossary

Making Connections

In this unit, students will build on their knowledge of energy and differentiate among forms of energy, including mechanical, sound, electrical, light, and heat/thermal. Students will design an experiment to test the effect of force on an object by pushing or pulling, gravity, friction or magnetism. They will demonstrate that electricity travels in a closed path by creating an electrical circuit.

Social Studies

Year at a Glance

Unit Summary:

European explorers

  • Accomplishments of European Explorers.

  • The impact European Explorers left on Texas.

  • Places they explored.

  • The impact of Spain on Texas.

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