Events Of The American Revolution

Final Project By Emma Stanphill


The American Revolution was a major event that helped shaped our country today. During this war many people died proud for what they did. The British were trying to keep control over the colonies, but the colonists wanted freedom. The British treated the colonists harshly and unfair with laws that constricted their freedom. I completely disagree with the British. If I were alive in the time of the American Revolution I would be a Patriot. I would fight for our freedom and justice. All of the laws King George III passed were terribly unfair to all of the colonists, which is one of the reasons I would be a patriot. If it weren't for the patriots that rebelled against the king, we all would still be under control of the British.


The Royal Proclamation of 1763

In 1763, after the French and Indian War King George III wanted to separate the colonists and the American Indians so they would stop killing each other. He simply wanted to draw a line down the crest of the Appalachian Mountains. Settlers stay east and Indians stay west, he ordered in the proclamation. The colonists were furious! They argued that most of the land east of the mountains were already settled and the only open land was west of the mountains, on the Indians land. This showed that the proclamation was too late, the colonists were already crossing the mountains. King George decided, to keep the peace they should expand the amount of British troops to 7,500 men.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773

The Boston Tea Party or the Tea Act was simply Lord North’s attempt to save the British East India Company from the American boycott of British tea. This law lowered the cost of tea that was sold by the British East India Company in the colonies and gave the British complete control over the sales of tea in the colonies. The patriots rebelled by dressing up like Indians an throwing boxes of tea overboard on a ship full of recently shipped tea.

The Boston Massacre of 1770

In 1770 a noisy and violent mob broke out and began throwing ice balls and rocks at troops guarding the Boston Customs House. The mob was calling the troops names and tempting them to fire, shouting, “Fire if you dare!” When a soldier was knocked to the ground, the British opened fire. After exchanging bullets, the mob finally went home after hearing that the troops would be tried for murder. After this sad event both the Patriots and Loyalists had different views. The Patriots saw this event as proof that all troops should be taken out of the colonies. The Loyalists saw this event as proof that troops were needed more than ever in the colonies. Both sides had fair arguments but this event showed all of the colonists that something needed to be done.