1920s stock market crash

what in the world happened? sabotage?

1920s court cases

united states vs. wheeler

Newberry vs. united states

Missouri vs. Holland

Samuels vs. mccurdy

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people who are coming to the usa to start a new life here and make a living and provide for their families. and they will discover something fun to do in their free time.
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Politics back then were quite simple and easy to follow now then have gone to heck and are more complex and hard to understand
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Jazz age

Back then people mostly listened to jazz and there are many famous jazz mucisians and many different types of jazz. jazz music is a group of musicians playing different instruments and jazz music calms people down.
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Henry ford

Henry ford is famous for his cars but also he fought for the rights to the car in order to be able to keep making cars. henry ford invented the assembly line which made the process go faster there they could make more cars per day
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Back then farming was a lot harder and technology was not as advanced as it is today.

ground back then was really rocky and hard to farm.

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