Uncle Tom's Cabin Tribune

Life in the 1850s

In the 1850s, African Americans were discriminated against and treated unfairly in an inhumane way in the midst of a hypocritical American society; however, often times the treatment of African Americans was not illustrated as evil as it actually was in the media.

Hunter Feagin's Questions

a. In some pictures, like the tobacco advertisement, black people are depicted as extremely uneducated. Also, another common theme throughout material based off the book is the cruelty of white men.

b. It was surprising to see how offensive people actually were against blacks back in the 1850s. With the advertisements and seeing slaves being punished in pictures, it made me realize how cruel slavery actually was.

Kate Grant's Questions

a. In many of the images it is conveyed that African Americans are not innocent and do not always act as they should, and their are many subtle ideas that African Americans may be unintelligent and uneducated. They are compared to white Americans in all of the images, and often painted in a negative light.

b. It was very surprising to me that in a few of the images African Americans are painted to seem to get along with white people.