After Effects Independent Study

By: Archishman Bhattacharyaa


Adobe After Effects is a versatile editing program that is used by industry leading professionals. This software can help add effects such laser eyes to videos, animate loading screens; create intros, and and animate raw objects to create a professional looking animation.
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Why I chose it.

I chose After Effects for many reasons. I have always been fascinated with computers and computer software, and I thought learning After Affects will increase my repertoire of computer software. Also I have a Youtube channel, and After Effects will help my Videos look more professional.

An example of my work.

Laser Channel Intro.

What I Learned.

Compositions and Keyframes.

Compositions are little mini portions of each projects that make up each aspect of the overall project. They are very important because this provides a more streamlined process to make each aspect. For example in my above example the smoke you see, and the text are all different compositions. Compositions are made up of multiple layers.

Keyframes are perhaps the most integral part of After Effects. This allows you to rotate objects, move objects, and have objects appear and disappear. This allowed me to create the laser, and have it coordinate with the text while it appears.


In Adobe After Effects you can add various effects to make you project look unique. Effects allow you to do everything from create static, to create lasers. In my laser example, I created a blank layer, and applied the laser effect, to create the laser.



I have learned a lot by doing After Effects. This experience has taught me how to use an industry leading software, how to animate, and how to create professional intros. This will help me by increasing my chances of getting a job in the graphic design industry.
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