Bad plases for animals


Do not hit the animals

Can you imagine being an elephant getting wiped with a clostik haw will you feel and I now that the image is hard to images.We do not have the right to kill animals so instead of killing them we wudet have extinc animals. People see animals like Toys to kill and we do not have the right to kill them only people ho have permission from the police or a ID.


Circuses are fun but when you get to now wat the keeppers do to the animals you will get mad.The keepers hit the animals with a clastic because they don't do the trik properly or they do not want to do it.


In zoos animals are treated like Slavs or old property they do not give food to the bers before hibernating and they starve to death.2 years ago a gay killed a geraf and then he fed it to lions.In people printed black straeps on the donkeys.

Little zoos are good and some bad little zoos have little space so they have a little space for the elephants. In zoos people give little piece of food. Some onere are bad because a guy kild a geraf ad then fed it to lions because it was old.


  • In the wild animals are free but wen hunters captured the animals aren't free.Elephants are killed every day for there tusks to make ivory keys for the pianos.People kill animals for fun som people ho poche go to court or go to justes.