mhmm Space Food

Michael Mensah

How was the food that astronauts changed over the last 50 years?

How the astronaut food changed is by having paste with nutrients in it to having a meal which you can enjoy. Meaning that you can eat food feeling like you are home or like a friends house.

What kind of food do astronauts eat today?

There also a range of dehydrated foods (which need water to be added) on the ISS such as Russian soups like borsch or a sweet Russian cottage cheese with nuts, called tvorog. Astronauts also have a choice of drinks
Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen

what methods are used to prevent food from spoiling?

One of the methods that are used to prevent food from spoiling is freezing also sealing the food in containers helps keeps the food nutrients when its frozen
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if you lived in space for a month what foods do you think you would miss the most?

The foods i will miss the most is pizza... the reason why i would miss the food pizza is because i will be craving for that every now and then also i would be kinda mad because the don't have any place we can stop at to eat fresh pizza from stores like pizza pizza, pizza hut,etc.