COVID-19 Staff Update

Ozark Schools closed through April 24

3-30 Staff Update

We’re so appreciative of everything you do for kids every day and everything you will continue to do for kids as we move forward. I cannot think of a better place to work and better people to work with. We will get through this together.


Based on the information provided from the student call logs, we are providing Chromebooks and/or internet solutions to families who indicated this as a need.

Families will be able to pick-up the devices on Monday, April 6. For those unable to pick-up the devices, we will deliver on Tuesday, April 7.

This information is going out to these families this (Thursday) afternoon.

We know device/internet access is important and we are working to make sure every household is equitable.

Curtis Chesick

Assistant Superintendent of Operations

Staff members needing help with technology can call the technology help desk at 417-582-5911 between the hours of 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. or submit a Get Help ticket. Devices needing repair can be dropped off at the technology office via curbside service at 1441 W Lloyd St. between 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

  • Staff, please remember School Board Policy GBH - Staff/Student Relations is still in effect.

  • You are authorized to communicate with students using your personal cell phone. Get initial parent permission and discuss the process of talking to the students and document the permission given. Teachers should use either Google Hangout Meets or the parents’ contact to communicate directly with students.
  • Communicating with students via your personal social media or email is not allowed.
  • If using Google Hangouts Meets for direct one-on-one student interventions, such as special education, reading recovery, etc, start with parent permission and inform them the meeting will be recorded. Parents may decide if the camera is on while the child is participating in the intervention. To the degree possible, encourage students to sit in front of a wall instead of facing into an open room. Always record when using Google Hangouts Meets with students. After recording, the video will be linked to both the Google calendar invite and the Google folder of the meeting organizer.
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There will be no virtual assignments due or given during Easter Break
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All school facilities are closed through April 24. This includes our athletic facilities, fields and tracks.
Employees' roles and responsibilities are outlined in this document.

Support Staff: Your supervisor will provide information regarding your work assignment during the extended closure.

  • Ozark Schools will be moving our in-person benefits enrollments with American Fidelity to online virtual meetings. Please sign-up for a new appointment time by visiting:
  • If you had a direct Ozark School District phone number, your voicemail will now be going directly to your email.
  • Key cards to buildings have been deactivated for those not working onsite.
  • You can find all past notifications on the website, which we continue to update regarding all COVID-19 operations.