By: Audrey Money

Audrey Money: China SMORE

In this SMORE I hope to teach you about China and that you learn new things. Thanks for viewing!

Geography and Travel

China is a state located in East Asia, and it's capital city is Beijing. It is the worlds 3rd largest country and is the most popular country with a population of over 1.35 billion people. China is bordered by 14 countries. China has a lot of different kinds of land like plateaus, plains, basins, foothills, and mountains. The Yangtze River is China's largest river and is the 3rd largest river in the entire world. It rises, or starts, in Geladaindong and empties out into the East China Sea.China's climate is very diverse, probably because it covers a lot of different kinds of land. In the spring it could be warm, cold dry humid or rainy. In the summer there is usually an unpredictable amount of rainfall, in the fall it's usually similar to spring and in the winter it's usually cold, dry, and humid. Fall is probably the best time to visit China. If you were going to China from Dallas, Texas you would travel by plane.

Different Maps of China

Government/Foreign Policy

China is a Communist state, Socialist state,and a Single-party state, so basically it's a mixed economy. Their president is Xi Jinping and they have a limited government. One issue China is having is China's Lack of political freedom. Some think they don't have enough of their political freedom while others think they are fine.

China's Government Sign


China's currency is called Renminbi. One U.S. dollar is equal to around 6.14 renminbi, and 1.00 renminbi is equal to .16 us dollars. Most things that we buy can be imported from China, and usually they are imported from China. Just a small list of things could be clothes, shoes, food, beverages, etc. The last GDP per capita recorded for china was 3348.01 China is wealthy compared to the United States.

Social and Ethnic Groups

Education and school is required for kids ages 6-15 in China, and it is free, except for having to pay for small fees like books and uniforms. Usually kids stop their education at 15. There are a lot of different ethnic groups in China, but the majority is called Zhuang.
The hats are often worn by ladies who are in the Zhuang people.

Religion, Language, and Country Flag

The main religion in China is Taoism. Although, Confucianism is also a very popular religion in China. Mandarin is the main language with more than 1.3 billion people speaking it in China. China's flag is red with 5 golden stars. The red represents the communist revolution and the golden stars represent the unity of the Chinese people.

Traditional Holidays, Festivals, Clothing, and Food

China has a lot of traditional holidays/festivals, but one I found interesting is called the " Chongyang Festival". It's not like any celebrations we have here. It is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month and they eat Chongyang cake, they drink Chrysanthemum wine, climb mountains and appreciate the beauty of their chrysanthemum flowers. Some people say Chinese clothes looks both ancient and modern. They wear a lot of silk clothing with unique designs.

VIP (Notable People)

One very important person from China is Sun Yat-Sen. He is known as the "father-of-revolution" because he lead china to be under one stable government.