School Counselor update

Take aways from PLC Stephanie Andrews

Child Study Protocol

  • Anyone who is in contact with the student can refer as long as there is communication with the teacher on record.
  • Once the student is identified, teachers/team staff about student
  • Sent an email with students identified to Counselor Rivera for Vision and Hearing
  • In the meantime, teachers meet and determine interventions (2-3 wks or sooner depending on the level of intervention at that time)
  • If none of the interventions tried are working, they invite Mrs Rivera and place the student on Tier II level to discuss the student further (this will be the 2nd meeting)
  • Once we meet I will do my part in collecting items needed for this student as well as contacting parent if necessary
  • If the student is not responding then we meet a 3rd time and at this time the Psychologist will be involved as we refer if academic
  • Students whose parents are asking for Therapy need to be on Child Study
  • Child Study is for behavior and/or academic issues.
  • Differences between interventions, modifications were discussed
  • Tier II interventions are those that aren't done with the rest of the class. Usually one on one. Not included in differentiation. Acceleration is also a form of intervention
  • Tutoring, one on one, T.A. interventions, holding heavy books, sending student on a meltdown for an errand to redirect behavior, Dayspring,
  • Purpose is to empower and make it easier on you..
  • You are the professionals and we are giving back power to make the decisions

504 Protocol

  • Student is identified
  • If teacher/ nurse or Assistant receives medical information please give to Nurse/Assistant AND Counselor
  • Counselor contacts parent gathers medical consent
  • Teacher fills out 504 form and sends to Counselor
  • Psychologist receives info
  • A letter is sent to parent for signature and set up meeting
  • Meeting is with Psychologist parent and 504 District Coordinator and teacher
  • Accommodations are provided for student.