What is DOK ???

Depth of Knowledge

depth of knowledge with karin hess

Introduction to the TYPE of questioning :

DOK Stem Questions


 Can you recall _____?

 When did _____ happen?

 Who was _____?

 How can you recognize _____?


 Can you explain how ___ affected ___?

 How would you apply what you learned to develop _____?

 How would you compare _____?

Contrast? _____

 How would you classify the type of _____?


 How is ____related to ____?

 What conclusions can you draw ____?

 How would you adapt _____ to create a different _____?

 How would you test _____?


 Write a thesis, drawing conclusions from multiple sources.

 Design and conduct an experiment. Gather information to develop alternative explanations for the results of an experiment.

 Write a research paper on a topic.

 Apply information from one text to another text to develop persuasive argument.

Depth of Knowledge Level 1 Verbs :

Locate, calculate, define, identify, list, label, match, measure, copy, memorize, repeat, report, recall, recite, recognize, state, tell, tabulate, use rules, answer who, what, when, where, why, how.

Activities for Level 1 of DOK :

2. List the first five presidents of the United States.

Depth of Knowledge Level 2 Verbs :

Infer, categorize, organize and display, compare-contrast, modify, predict, interpret, distinguish, estimate, extend patterns, interpret, use context clues, make observations, summarize, translate from table to graph, classify, show cause/ effect, relate, edit for clarity

Activities for Level 2 of DOK :

1. Sequence a key chain of events in history.

2. Create a questionnaire or survey to answer a question.

Depth of Knowledge Level 3 Verbs :

Critique, appraise, revise for meaning, assess, investigate, cite evidence, test hypothesis, develop a logical argument, draw conclusions

Activities for Level 3 of DOK :

1. ƒ Prepare an informational report about electricity.

2. Write an essay, short story, poem, or play.

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Depth of Knowledge Level 4 Verbs :

Initiate, design and conduct, collaborate, research, synthesize, self-monitor, critique, produce/present

Activities for Level 4 of DOK :

1. Research two historical figures and present the information.

2. Write a persuasive paper. Persuade the reader that downloading books on devices are better than reading from an actual book.

Rigor Matrix

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Word of CAUTION : The verbs in the Depth of Knowledge do not define the LEVEL of DOK.