My digital dossier

By: Shinjini 7A

How it started...

My digital dossier started way before I was born. It started when my mom found out she was pregnant and there were many ultrasound pictures that were saved to my file in a hospital computer. When I was born my height, weight, blood group, healthiness were also recorded in the hospital records along with my birth certificate. After I was born pictures of me was sent to my uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives by my parents by email and mail.

Here are a few main things that are in my digital dossier, from when I was born to now...

1. My passport was made on April 5th 2005

2. When I was 3 years old (2006) my mom and my brother went to India to see my relatives and my relatives took pictures of me and framed them

3. I was enrolled in school and all my private information was stored on my school file

4. I got to play games on the computer when I was 7 (2010) and used my dad's email to sign up

5. When I was 8 (2011) I got my own email

6. At the age of 10 (2013) I had computer classes and I got my own school email and had access to the web at school with my own username and password

7. When I was 12 (2015) I started using social media

8. And now as I'm typing this letter, my smore email and password is documented and so is this flyer on the smore website

In conclusion, your digital dossier starts from before you are born and it never really ends. So remember, anything you send out into the internet, it stays there forever!