Ravensbruck Concentration Camp

Medical Experiment Camp

The Medical Experiments.

At the Ravensbruck concentration camp, established in November 1804, was famous for female prisoners. Mostly Jews, Gypsies, ect. Most of the inmates where from Poland (36%). At the camp, they would perform medical experiments on the prisoners. Some of the experiments inclued, injecting them with bacteria, cutting a large section of bone out of their legs and left them to suffer. They would have the people stand up after the torture, and take a picture and make them smile. Pregnant Jews where sent to the gas chambers while other races where having abortions and getting other experiments on them there. They injected them with the bactiria and told them that they were finding "cures" for the certain disease.

Example #1
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Leg Cutting

This is an example of when they cut a large part of their bone out of their leg and stitched them up. They would usually take a picture of the whole body but I thought this was interesting and a good example because it's a close up.
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The Voices of Ravensbruck

Some say that down this hall, people that died there are still in this hall and have not yet left. This hall is mostly where a lot of voices have been heard.
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