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January 4, 2016

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Question of the Week

In what year did Christopher Columbus sail to and discover the New World?

Last Week's "Question of the Week"

The four types of precipitation are rain, sleet, snow, and hail.


Jan. 5 - School Resumes from Christmas Break

Jan. 8 - Second Quarter Grades Home

Jan. 15 - Book Report Due (Student Choice)

Jan. 18 - NO SCHOOL (Martin L. King Jr. Day)

Jan. 19 - Reenrollment Begins

Jan. 28 - Paradise Park Spirit Night from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Feb. 10 - Solemn Assembly

Upcoming Tests

Jan. 26 - States and Capitals Test #1 - Northeastern States
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“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

John 10: 10-11

Test: Friday, January 8th

BMV Questions

1. Who is the thief, and what is his plan? Satan is the thief, and he plans to keep us from God at any cost.

2. Who is the good shepherd? Jesus is the good shepherd.

3. How did Jesus lay down his life for us? He gave his life to us by dying on the cross for our sins. Now we can have a relationship with God.

Spelling List 16

1. owner

2. toughest

3. crocodile

4. hungry

5. certificate

6. towels

7. woman

8. agree

9. scream

10. sign

11. chief

12. swamp

13. belongings

14. moisture

15. synonym

16. antonym

17. homonym

18. pair

19. couple

20. influence – power over others

21. anticipate – to look forward to; to expect

22. demonstrate – to show clearly


PRETEST – Wednesday, Jan. 6th

TEST - Friday, Jan. 8th

"Our Flag" Poem

-Author Unknown

You may call it an old piece of bunting;

You may call it an old tattered rag;

But thousands have died for its honor

And shed their best blood for the flag.

You may call it an old piece of bunting;

You may call it an old tattered rag;

But Freedom has made it majestic;

And Time has ennobled Our Flag.