The beautiful land of Brooks

Come to the best country there is

Here in Brookslandia, we have a Free market economy. You can come here start a business make money and just pay a few taxes and be free to do what you want with your money. You could buy one of houses on the beach and go snorkeling every morning or just relax on the beach.


The government is a new type of government. We provide protection over your business in case you get robbed or something happens. Their is a King who is treated like a god but dose not take money but who actually gives it away to hard working citizens. The kings name is brooks hints the name Brookslandia.

Some activities to do

Living here is like your on vacation

Frequently asked questions

We have a Free enterprise economy. That means like the U.S.A, you can start a business with a loan from one of our many banks. The government will only take a small tax out of your salary and or business and you'll be good to go. You can make an sell whatever you want and the government cant and wont saying thing against.
The Circular Flow Model of a Market Economy