By: Lauren Kate

Luce has loved Daniel since the beginning of time, but she's only seventeen. How is that possible, read Passion to find out.

Daniel has loved Luce since the beginning of time, and Luce has loved Daniel as well. The amount of love they have for each other is intense, so intense they would die for each other. Their love has consequences with it as well. Daniel is a fallen angel who has pulled Luce into a curse that every 17 years she will die and come back to life in another time. But Luce believes that the curse can be broken

The Characters as Actors

Samantha Griffith

Samantha Griffith grew up in the small town of Eagle Wisconsin. She has a loving mother and father and a loving sister. She has had 3 dogs and currently has one dog. She's thirteen years old, and loves to read.She has a love for animals and reading. Along with going outside in summer and playing with her dog, Samantha also enjoys just chilling havin fun with her friends

About the author.

Lauren Kate Lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She has written the book The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. She has also written the Fallen novels. Her books are so popular that they have been translated into over 30 languaes.


Luce feels that the love between her and Daniel is CRYPTIC.
As a fallen angel Daniel had spent many happy EPOCHS he had spent in Heaven.
Daniel has a NOSTALGIA for Luce to be in his arms again