King's Class News

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This weekly newsletter will go out every Monday. Please take the time to read through the information each week so that you stay up-to-date. It will be a place for dates to note, a peek into what we're doing in our classroom, links to "need to know" stuff, kids' jokes, reminders, etc. This newsletter has a lot of information with links to different things.

It was so great getting to meet so many of you at the Meet Yer Mateys event. Looking forward to getting the year started tomorrow. We do have PE tomorrow, so please be sure that your kiddos come wearing tennis shoes.

Specials have a SPLASH of Color this year!

We are changing things up a bit this year. In the past, due to holidays, weather days, workdays, etc the same classes have missed the SAME special area repeatedly. This may not seem like a big deal, BUT it really is...the arts are very important to developing our students' young minds. They help them to think outside the box and to become creative and innovative learners. Students use these skills and ideas in more areas than just art, music, media, tech, guidance, and PE class. As a school and a team, we strive to work together to build the WHOLE child together instead of pieces independently. With this being said, we have decided that is in the BEST interest of our students to go to a rotating COLOR schedule.

What does this mean?

Simply longer will your student have music or art every Monday. Each special area will be connected to a color. (I do believe our class has music on red days.) There is a set of colors that will repeat one another skipping over weekends and holidays.

This week's specials are.....

Tuesday (RED) ------------- Guidance & Active Anderson's PE class (This PE is every Tuesday)

Wednesday (ORANGE) - Art

Thursday (YELLOW) ----- Music

Friday (GREEN) ------------ PE

Monday (BLUE) ------------ Computer Lab

The students will keep track of each day's color in their agendas. Tennis shoes will be needed for Tuesday's PE and whenever we have a GREEN day. Students are more than welcome to leave an extra pair in their cubby here at school.


August 11th ------------- Meet Your Mateys (5pm to 7pm)

August 16th ------------- First day of school

September 5th --------- NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)