CS Undergrad Updates

October 1, 2014 - October 7, 2014

Association for Computing Machinery-Student Chapter

This week, Zachary Montoya will be giving a talk on the basics of web development using Ruby on Rails.

Date: Thursday, October 2nd

Location: Gould-Simpson 701

Time: 6:30pm

For more information, click here.

Important - 9th Floor Atrium Closure

The 9th Floor Atrium will be closed on Friday, October 3rd from 11am-12:30pm for a CSC Graduate Student Event.

Group Academic Advising Sessions - October 2014

Welcome to October, and the beginning of Priority Registration!

In order to accommodate everyone, Christina Dentel (your academic advisor) will begin holding group advising sessions. You are welcome to come to any session, and you don't have to be there right when it starts. The important thing is that you come to a session before your registration week, so you know what to register for on time.

Group Advising Sessions are for ALL computer science students (Majors, Pre-Majors and Minors).

If you have any questions, please contact advising@cs.arizona.edu.

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Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Research Opportunities, Etc.

Jobs - 2 new postings since 9/30/14

  • Green Purchasing Project Student Coordinator
  • Student Web/Javascipt/Python Application Developer (Bio Computing Facility - AZ Research Labs)

Internships/Fellowships - 6 new postings since 9/25/14

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Paid Internship
  • Amazon Customer Experience Internship
  • Business Analyst Intern (State Farm)
  • Systems Analyst Intern (State Farm)
  • Technical Analyst Intern (State Farm)
  • Data Specialist Intern (State Farm)

Scholarships - 1 new posting since 10/1/14

  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Scholarships

Student Research

General Announcements - 2 new postings since 9/29/14

  • Pearson Student Coding Contest
  • GRE Prep Course

Company Information Sessions

Presentations/Seminars/Job Fairs

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Important Dates and Deadlines: None until October 10th

For more Fall 2014 Dates and Deadlines, click here.

Career Corner - Tip of the Week: Networking

In a list of Top 10 Fears, somewhere after public peaking and before death, falls the fear of walking into a room full of strangers. None of us wants to spend the evening standing along the wall, feeling like we are at an eighth grade dance.

But the challenge of networking is we have to go it alone.

When you bring a friend, it's like bringing a security blanket. you may feel more comfortable, but you won't meet anyone new, because you will have your friend to fall back on for conversation. Being alone forces you to seek out others. Bringing a friend also makes you look dependent on others. you want to let others know you can hold your own.

Ditto for "helicopter mom" at the Career Fair. Or cradling your cell phone for the entire evening.

If you want to move forward in your career, it's time to get uncomfortable. Smile, introduce yourself and give a firm handshake. It might feel awkward at first, but with each person you meet, your confidence will grow. And who knows, you might meet the person who will make a difference in your career. Or make a new friend to not bring the next time.

<This tip is brought to you by the Culture and Manners Institute>

Have you completed an internship?

Please assist the Department of Computer Science in capturing information regarding the internship experiences of our majors. If you have completed an internship please complete the form found here.

Please note you will be required to log in with your UA NetID and password via CatMail to access the form. We appreciate your assistance!

Spooooooooky Fact

The ghost of Old Main is known as Carlos Maldenado. He was the building's original construction manager. He slept at the construction site of Old Main because he thought someone might burn it down. One morning, his employees found him murdered at the site.