News From Your TDS on August 14th, 2013

Welcome Back!

Last year at this time I was "shakin' in my shoes" with the thought of working in three buildings, meeting three staffs, and starting a new job. I must say, it's been nice to see so many familiar faces this year! For those who are new to BSE, DES,SCE, or HSE, hello! I am the Teacher Development Specialist for the three mentioned schools. At last week's New Teacher Orientation, I had the chance to meet some of you and want to say "Welcome!"

For the first few weeks of school, I'll be in and out of classrooms so don't be surprised if you see me walking into your room. I will also be available to assist in any way needed. Let me know if you need anything by sending an email or stopping by my office. At Brooks School, my office is in the computer lab. At Durbin, you'll find me in the K/2 hallway, and at Sand Creek, I can be found across from Ms. Berman's class. I'm looking forward to a great year!

What Exactly Does The TDS Do?

My job is constantly changing!

Some of the things I do include:

1. Helping principals with observations

2. Co-teaching, modeling, and assisting in your classroom-please don't hesitate to ask if you have a question about some instructional topic!

3. Assisting the principal on many different things including scheduling, teacher meetings, and data review

4. Professional Development at the grade level, school, and district level

5. Working with teachers on best practices

6. Participating on numerous district committees

7. Reading, reading, and more reading of professional materials to help better support teachers

8. Almost anything you need help with!


Who Am I?

My name is Marci Derado and here are a few facts about me...

I have 20 years of teaching experience including kindergarten, second grade, and third/fourth grade high ability.

This is my fifth year as a teacher coach.

I love working in classrooms so please don't hesitate to ask for help!

My husband and I just celebrated our 29th anniversary.

My oldest daughter teaches kindergarten.

My youngest daughter is in sixth grade.

My son is a marketing director for an internet company.

My husband teaches history and econ at Lawrence Central.

I will begin work to acquire my principal's license on August 24th...yikes!