Hadoop Training in Delhi

4 Helpful tips to select Hadoop training in Delhi

Right from accessing videos on YouTube to downloading music files, creating accounts over social media to sending email messages, these are some of the sources that finally lead to a huge data generation that includes both machine and human generated data. The velocity at which the data is being generated is rapid, almost doubling in every two years and the volume of the data is humongous. At this point, it becomes an arduous task for the organizations to manage such massive data sets. Extracting out useful and valuable data is like finding a needle in the haystack. Hadoop is an open platform that processes large data sets. Using Hadoop analytics, companies can uncover valuable information.

Let’s find out what are the key things we need to keep in our mind while selecting a Hadoop training center in Delhi.

1. Infrastructure: An excellent infrastructure that includes lab facilities.

2. Course: The training course must be designed in a way that covers the requirements of industry practices. A good course will prepare the students in mastering over Hadoop

3. Real time experience: The training center must provide hands-on training. Real time projects must be a mandatory part of the curriculum which is very much essential in getting real world experience.

4. Placement assistance: Finding an institute that is placement focused and guarantees your career as a Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop testing engineer etc.

Currently, a large number of companies have started employing Hadoop analytics to uncover valuable information for them. As such the demand for Hadoop developers or people equipped with Hadoop knowledge is increasing. A good training institute can provide the right credentials required for any person to secure a job and make a successful profession in Hadoop.