Ayden Q. Olson


Phnom Phen

Population as of 2008


Physical Features

  • Flatlands
  • Cardamom Mountains

The Countries Surrounding Cambodia


South: Gulf of Thailand

East: Vietnam



  • In 1941 Japan occupies Cambodia during World War 2
  • In 1953 Cambodia earns its independence from France
  • In 1993 the first elections in twenty years are held
  • In 2001 the first bridge across the Mekong River opens

People & Places

  • The Angkor Wat Temple was ordered to be built by King Suryavarman 2
  • The Khmer make up 90% of population
  • 80% of the people live in rural areas
  • The Mekong River is Cambodia's most important river


  • The Cambodians favorite sport is kickboxing
  • Pchum Ben is a holiday for those who not reincarnated
  • A common dish in cambodia is fish and rice
  • Many schools have morning and evening shifts


  • Cambodia has a king that works with the rest of the government
  • The Cambodian economy is badly damaged
  • Many Cambodians are substance farmers
  • Cambodians mostly get around by bikes

My Choice

  • Most Cambodian kids work to help their families
  • Most girls don't go to school because the are needed at home
  • Most kids don't have toys


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